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Can someone do magical anomalies in Craglorn with me (PC EU)

Soul Shriven
I'm in the middle of this quest The Shattered and the Lost and I have to kill the bosses at the magical anamalies 3 times. I've tried soloing but it's *** impossible even with a companion. IDK maybe it's my build, I'm a Breton sorcerer in purple-tier bright-throat -tierboast and I use a yellow-tier prismatic flamestaff. But it'd be really nice to have some help.
  • Braffin
    Sure, just pm me either here in forum or ingame and I'll lend you a hand. We can do this today in the evening if you want.

    But no flappybird plz, otherwise I'm out.

    Never get between a cat and it's candy!
    Overland difficulty scaling is desperately needed. 9 years. 6 paid expansions. 24 DLCs. 40 game changing updates including One Tamriel, an overhaul of the game including a permanent CP160 gear cap and ridiculous power creep thereafter. I'm sick and tired of hearing about Cadwell Silver & Gold as a "you think you do but you don't" - tier deflection to any criticism regarding the lack of overland difficulty in the game. I'm bored of dungeons, I'm bored of trials; make a personal difficulty slider for overland. It's not that hard.
  • xbluerosesx
    Soul Shriven

    All right, I'll add you ingame. My name there's also xbluerosesx

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