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Logarius Moira's history!

This is my own character's history :) He frequents the province of High Rock at the moment, so feel free to message me in game if you would like to Role-Play! My in-game name is the same as my character's name here, Logarius Moira.


Logarius is generally a quiet, humble, and kind-hearted man. He doesn't talk very much unless spoken to, and he normally keeps a blank expression. But boy, when he does smile, his weathered face instantly lights up like a bright Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. He is a curious fellow who enjoys learning how things work and what other peoples' motives are in life. However, he likes to have his alone time and often when not performing tasks or running errands he finds himself wandering the wilderness that surrounds his current dwelling- he really does appreciate nature and it's beauty. He also has very high moral standards of honor, loyalty, and duty. He values his friends and family over anything, despite having a distant and cold family background. As far as religion goes, he isn't the most devout person on Nirn.

Character Biography:
Logarius was born into a relatively middle-to-low class family in the town of Chorrol, Cyrodiil to a father who worked as a contracting Carpenter and a mother who was unemployed. He grew up with one older brother and two younger sisters who never really got along but stayed together as a family anyhow. Logarius and his siblings never really had time to see their father, and their mother always was away during the night when their father got home which led them to believe that their mother was up to no good. Growing up through childhood and into his adolescence, Logarius had a various amount of friends of all backgrounds ranging from the children of lowly beggars to squires of noble knights that served lesser lords. He was easy to get along with, and everyone in town had appreciated it. He was all of his friends' "go-to" sort of guy when they had problems with others or themselves.

Anyway, skip ahead a few years towards when Logarius became 14, Logarius's father divorced his mother. Why? Because, it was found out Logarius's mother happened to be a Witch that was involved in a coven that worshiped Daedra that were based outside of Chorrol. Enfuriated, Logarius's father packed his bags and contracting business down and decided to move to the Imperial City, to get away from it all. Now Logarius had a choice- Either to stay with his mother and siblings or travel with his father to the Imperial City. Because Logarius was always one for adventure, and felt a little bad for his father after his mother hid this secret from them this whole time, Logarius and his brother named Caesar had went with their father to the Imperial City while his sisters and mother stayed in Chorrol. His sisters eventually followed their mother's path and became Witches themselves.

It was even rougher for Logarius's father in the Imperial City than it was in Chorrol. His father had a harder time trying to run his contracting business, and he never seemed to have found love after the divorce. Logarius had sort of a hard time trying to meet girls too, since he was a bit shy around them. But his father's attitude kept getting worse and worse, and it went to the extreme where he would start coming home drunk every night and would borderline abuse Logarius and his brother Caesar. Eventually, at age 16, Logarius's father had passed away. Upon his father's death, his brother Caesar ran away. Rumor had it, his brother Caesar had joined the infamous Dark Brotherhood. But Logarius didn't really like to think about that. Anyway, now, Logarius was alone in the Imperial City and had no means to pay taxes for his father's old house. So he decided to work at the Imperial Docks over night. His job was a little rough, having to move loads of heavy boxes from Merchant Ships that came from all over Tamriel- and the hours were tough being an over night profession. But Logarius stayed because he needed the coin, and his co-workers were hilariously funny. Logarius learned a lot about people, and how the real world was from there on out. He worked at the docks for the next four years, before everything changed once again.

When the heir to the Ruby Throne was betrayed in cold blood, and House Tharn came into power, one could imagine the chaos that ensued soon afterwards on the lands of Cyrodiil. Upon hearing the news, and further hearing that the undead were starting to rise and that armies were preparing to march on Cyrodiil now that the throne was open- Logarius fled the Imperial City. First he traveled north west to Chorrol, to try and get the remainder of his family to join him and immigrate somewhere safer. But they declined, and wished to stay in Cyrodiil. Logarius didn't waste any time, then. So they said their good-byes and he just traveled west, towards High Rock. He couldn't stay in Cyrodiil- not with this apocolyptic scenario bound to strike the land at any moment. It took him a good year, traveling on foot. But eventually, around his 21st birthday, he reached the city of Daggerfall- Where he decided to join the Daggerfall Covenant's Military to try and assist in saving Cyrodiil, his homeland, from it's ultimate demise. While enlisting into the military, he had heard word of a former Imperial Legion Auxillary that had defected to the Covenant- the 13th. During his enlistment, he requested to be assigned to the 13th Legion. And so there he was.

(The 13th Legion is the guild I am in :) )
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