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Are Templar healers viable in trifecta content?

Okay I am a Templar Healer, my HPS are pretty good (I know that the community does not care about that when it comes to logs). I focus a lot on healing. I have seen that high-end groups/guilds run with Warden/night blade/necros based around powerful group buffs, mass res and DPS support.
I would like to run trifecta. My up times on combat prayer is hit or miss and I don't have any other buff other shard, which as you already know is a synergy, the gear I love to run is sanctuary/ jorvald's guidance with winter's respite. These sets seem to work well for me. I see those high end groups wanting very specific builds. My parse is laughable at best, so we don't even touch light attack weaving (when I play my fingers rest about an inch above the keys and my mouse button (weird yes, but comfortable for me.)).so my question is, are Templar healers viable in trifecta content?
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