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Just wondering on these questions


With the recent release of Necrom. I was wondering about these questions before I create a whole new character.

1. Can I legally name my second character Tahlavos Tahkura II, or does it need to be a different name entirely??
2. If I create a new character and were to take said character to Summerset would I need to go back through the hassle of the Summerset questline or does that transfer over??
3. Do I need to redo the companions questline for them to be available for the new character or no??
4. Will I need to do research on the equipment for this new character or do research on any piece of gear already learned transfer across characters??

These are the questions that have been on my mind since the release of Necrom, and would like to know for how to move forward.
  • Braffin
    You probably won't be satisfied with the answers, but here you go:

    1) I don't know this guy, but according to google he is/was a real living person. So it would be forbidden.
    2) You will have to repeat all questlines on a new char, if you want them completed.
    3) Companion questlines have to redone as well (except for the unique bonus after first completion, that's part of collection) as far as I know. I'm don't sure about that tho, as I don't use them myself.
    4) If you want to have all traits chacked as researched you'll have to repeat the process, although there is no need to do so as you can craft equipment on your existing character.
  • Necrotech_Master
    for the companions, the only ones you have to repeat on each toon at a minimum are the unlocks

    the rapport quests are optional, but can also be completed on each toon

    if you have the keepsake that is a permanent bonus regardless if you even unlocked the companion on another toon
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