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Welcome To Necrom! Your One Stop Shop For Necrom Launch Content

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Hello everyone and welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Launch Day! We hope everyone taking the leap into Necrom has a great time. There are plenty of new stories and new knowledge to uncover. So wield the powers of Hermaeus Mora wisely. To see everything Necrom and Update 38 have to offer, please check out our patch notes, here.

As with any launch, our goal is to make it as smooth as possible for everyone to hop in and play. However, unintended issues sometimes come up. If you run into any issues, please be sure to post your issues in the bug reports section of the forum. You can also keep update to date on our responses to bugs and other issues here, on the Dev Tracker. We keep this section up to date as we get information to share.

Going back to our many eyed Daedric Prince for a second, many of you will now be able to wield some of his power by playing as an Arcanist! The Arcanist is now live on PC/Mac. Remember with your purchase of Necrom, you have a new free character slot. In addition to this, there is one more character slot available for purchase on the Crown Store. With these two slots, your total possible character slots is now up to 20. Uses those slots well!

As many of you are starting your journey into Necrom, The Telvanni Pennisula, and Apocrypha, we have some community guides to help point you in the right direction. In addition to the community guides, we have a list of several blog posts you can reference to catch up on any missing information regarding the chapter. We have those listed out below.
Lastly, if you are looking for a bit of hype or a last nudge to hope into Necrom, you should check out these previews and our the Final Gameplay trailer below. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and welcome to Necrom!
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