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Update Cyrodill its boring

After all these years its really boring to ride arround the keeps and doing the same thing. You should update Cyrodill map or add new mechanics to it. Its CORE pvp zone in the game yet it has not seen any updates for quite some time now. PVE gets like 2-4 dungeons per year new raids etc. and PVP got NEW SIEGE MACHINE (and that was almost 3 years ago wow).
  • WoppaBoem
    Yes its boring. Pvp combat cool map is lame and 30 day camp is even lamer
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  • VaranisArano
    ZOS' stance has been that performance improvements have to happen first. Given the way the population cap has been cut over the years, I'm not sure the servers now could handle the zergs that happened when Volendrung first came out.
  • Syiccal
    I been saying for years that cyro is stale however its a carefully what you wish for scenario I guess even call of duty had to change the first warzone map as popular as it was, and yet the following maps have been terrible.
  • xylena_lazarow
    WoppaBoem wrote: »
    Yes its boring. Pvp combat cool map is lame and 30 day camp is even lamer
    The combat is hit-or-miss, depending on how much tank-heal stalemating is going on. The map and campaign are fun when people try, I've gotten far more Good Fights (TM) over the years by playing the map than by trolling.
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  • Woodenplank
    I still enjoy PVP on the whole, but I've tended more towards BGs and other small-scale recently.
    It feels like half (and that's low balling it) of Keep assaults is just a ballgroup (or 'organized group' if you're on the other side of the fight) that break in, run around in circles farming kills for 20 minutes, and then leave.
    W.r.t "playing the map"... these days I tend to ignore scroll runs, because chances are it's not an honest effort to capture the scroll, but just a ball group using it to bait kills.
    It's a sad state of affairs when people are willfully failing objectives, because they can pad their personal scores by farming kills instead.

    On a side note, I feel like more often than not 1v1s end not because anyone died, but because both parties got too bored never bringing eachother below 60% health.
    I think it is central to ESO's well-being, to critique the developers when they change the game (or fail to change something)
    But the negativity can be exhausting, so I vow to post 50/50 negativity and appreciation.
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