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Intransparent information about ESO+/crowns

I expected when I linked my PS5 account with my PC account that crowns, ESO+ status and bought expansions would all be enabled on PS5 but to my surprise they don't. The description says:

> You can link both a PlayStation™Network and Xbox® account, but no information (characters, progress, etc.) will be shared between them--the accounts are entirely separate.

This basically describes what is also true for PC/NA versus PC/EU and I feel it could be made more transparent by explicitly mentioning that bought expansions, crowns and ESO+ status are also not shared, even when linking the accounts. It also means there's absolutely no reason to link the accounts, other then giving you the option to sell data. What do you gain from linking these accounts? I feel that paying for ESO+ on 2 platforms is asking a bit much.

The reason I'm considering playing on PS5, is because in summertime my laptop gets too hot to play ESO.
  • ZOS_Bill
    Our FAQ below goes over why characters and crowns are not able to transfer between different platforms in ESO.

    Can I transfer my ESO account and/or characters between different platforms or servers?
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  • Gnesnig
    Thanks, but that's not what I asked. I don't want a transfer, it made sense to me that all servers have their own characters.

    What didn't make sense, is that crowns bought in the ESO store only apply to the PC version of the game. I just noticed that it actually says on top "Welcome to The Elder Scrolls® Online PC/Mac Store". It's really easy to miss and the only indication that this applies only to the PC platform. The url is /eso-store/ not /pc-eso-store/, the products themselves do not repeat that they are only for PC/MAC and the title is the only mention of it.

    Secondly, I'd like to know what the benefit is for linking your PSN account with your PC ESO account. It says:
    "To play The Elder Scrolls® Online on your PlayStation® or Xbox®, you need to link your PlayStation™Network or Xbox® account."

    Does that mean you need to have a PC account in order to play on PS5? That makes even less sense.

    And lastly, I asked if you could update the page to be more explicit about what is NOT shared. You paint a picture as if it was PC/EU versus PC/NA by not mentioning crowns or ESO+.
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