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Housing QoL Suggestion: Quest Furnishings


This is a suggestion to implement further features for houses to elevate their worth and function, using housing as a creative way to save time on daily routines by making them potential 'one stop' areas to perform and complete daily quests.

- to add numerous new furnishing items that act as quest givers/ receivers (situation depending)

How it will work:

- In the case of writ dailies, Boards are added that provide the quests and craft specific coffers are added as receivers (as per regular interaction when performing daily writ quests). if a player purchases these items, they can then accept and complete writ missions entirely from their home. This method can be expanded with a Master writ houseguest/ chest to submit Master Writ quests and further complement the attunable crafting benches.
- A universal 'contact/ agent' is added as a daily receiver, for the use of Boss, delve and Dolmen quests obtained across various locations, players may now stack and travel with numerous quests completed before returning home to submit them to one singular contact.
- Other options could include;
- Undaunted Contacts for pledges
- Fighters, Mages and Undaunted daily contacts (more useful in regards to companion skill advancement)

- Will provide players with a method of performing daily routine quests by giving them convenience on their own terms, contained within one singular place with a set up of their choosing.
- Add new functional aspects to housing, increasing their worth and hopefully encouraging more players to become invested in this aspect of the game.
- More items of worth added in the form of furnishings, both crown store and guild traders will benefit from this.
- Will save a considerable amount of time for daily mission routines.

- In the case of multi-quest receivers, it could pose an issue with coding to allow for Propper drops to be allocated for numerous regions.
- Could create a distinct divide between player wealth levels if not implemented in a 'achievable' manner ( eg if this is paywalled or costs several million gold per piece it could diminish it's function to others who may not be able to afford it, creating more opportunities for 'us and them' scenarios to arise )
- Could be seen as a cheat/ lazy approach to already existing game mechanics.

This new method of quality of life improvement should help save players a significant amount of time in performing daily quests by eliminating travel time to complete them as well as bringing further value to the housing system in game. Which in turn will allow for more wonderful and functional creations from players and more potential sales for developers.
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  • XoXJulietteXoX
    They could give us vaults. But that would still be extra slots. most of us have had our storage coffers and spare houses and banks and some create a guild bank to house extra furnishings...
  • TaSheen
    Well, that might make some players happy, but it wouldn't make the devs happy because the towns would be emptier. Pretty sure they won't do this sort of thing.

    I think it's fine for dailies the way it is and has always been - keeps towns busy and appealing.

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  • kargen27
    The outside world needs the feel of being populated.

    Not a good idea to create another category of items to place in a home players will feel they need when we already have limited slots available for creations.
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  • Ruj
    This is a hard no. Towns should look populated.

    Housing already has several purposes. Extra storage, creativity, housing contests, RP spaces, etc.

    I would rather devs concentrate on making more furniture items and increasing the furniture limit cap (especially for large homes that are 600 slots and should be 700 slots)
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