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Revised Leadership Board System for ToT

This is an update from “Broken Leaderboard Needs Overhauling”. This update focuses only on the ranking calculation. The update also revises it so that the loser of the series drops in points.

The current ranking system is based on the ranking system used in chess. There are several flaws in this mechanism, the major one being the fact that ToT has a significant amount of RNG in the cards. The placement of bishops is not arbitrary in chess, but it is in ToT. As such, series matches must be considered to show true ranking.

I disagree fully with a win/loss only system as it is not a ranking system. Win/loss only is flawed because it weighs towards games played, it provides exploitation opportunities (play when few others are playing so you get to play against friends), and it fails to address the RNG nature of card draws. A series of games against players are required to provide true ranking.

I suggest the following to minimize exploitation of the ranking system and to allow for a true ranking system:

1 - All players enter the monthly ranking at the same point total (say 500).

2 - Each win is worth +5 points, each loss is worth -5 points. There is a maximum of either 4 wins or losses you can have against a player. After either 4 wins or 4 losses, you cannot play that player competitively for the remainder of the month.

3 - There is a net 40 points available for series wins (over and beyond the win/loss system). This provides the scaling between players beyond a win ratio. The most a player can gain for a series is +20 points and the most a player can lose for a series is -20 points. The logic of the system is as follows:

3.1 - When two players have played twice, the 40 points is distributed. These same points are redistributed if they play additional games (maximum 4 wins or 4 losses). The series points are added to the win/loss points.

3.2 – Calculation is (40 * (wins/(wins + losses))) – 20

3.3 Round to 0 digits

The table below shows the distribution of points.


Let’s make a true ranking system. Remove the exploits. Recognize the RNG of the game.

I will provide an update on my game tracking at the end of this month for further analysis and proof that a change is required.
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