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Really disappointed of Western Skyrim background music

Lore-wise I cannot immerse too deep into Western Skyrim when just peacefuly walking around the map, or doing something mundane, if I'm forced to hear such dull repeatable ambience music, that has nothing to catch my ears for long. It has not even a smallest part of original Skyrim spirit, in my opinion.
I was playing original TESVSkyrim for over 1200 hours, over and over again, mildly tasting the original background music... standing on top of a mountain staring far away, with "Wind Guide You" coming deep into my soul. That was some experience I will never forget.
Now playing Eso Skyrim bores me so much, when the music play some mixed random haunted tracks, ofter changing direction and rhymes, I don't feel like I'm at home there.

I recently downloaded original TESV Skyrim music and will now mute ESO music to play original background from a mobile, but I hope there could be a better way to immerse into Western Skyrim than it is now.
I feel that that this iconic land in ESO lost it's potential due to bad music and shallow voice acting.

Jeremy Soule - Wind Guide You - can feel a growing tense for five minutes than it bursts with epic moment and fades again, everything on place, pure melody, true masterpiece...
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  • Lugaldu
    When I first came to Western Skyrim back then, I thought I was in a different game... But now I kind of like the music. It's different, it has a different atmosphere and feels almost refreshing.
  • ZOS_Phoenix

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    Thank you for your understanding.
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  • xclassgaming
    At first when i heard it back in 2020 (almost 3 years ago now....let that sink in) i didn't like it, however it's grown on me. Kaushad put it perfectly, it fits for what W.Skyrim is about.
    Add Veyas hair for us players to use!
  • Jammy420
    Western skyrim was made during corona, that was the official reason why it was low quality versus the rest of the dlcs.
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