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ESO University (Guides, FAQs, LFG Tool & Player Resources)

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ESO University is a communal network dedicated to teaching new, returning and veteran Elder Scrolls Online players. We are always working to provide knowledge to all players, breaking down some of the esoteric aspects of ingame mechanics and numbers. In addition we provide builds, guides and tools to enhance the out-of-game and ingame experiences for all ESO players. One of our latest projects - ESO Directory - we've launched to help connect individual players and communities of all sizes.

In this forum thread, we will list available resources for your usage and also our project prototypes. Feel free to support our projects through our Patreon!


Our Discord server is the 2nd largest community-ran ESO Discord that plays host to over 22,000 members. In it, people can find raid leads/teams on their respective platforms and servers, ask questions to guildmasters, engage in WTS/WTB/Crafting Request channels and also attend classes hosted by our ESOU Faculty who can also answer in 1-on-1 instances through our ticket system.

While theorycrafting for PvE/PvP and PTS discussions quite prominent within our server, we also have channels for discussions of Lore, showcasing Fashion and of course Player House touring.

We also celebrate world records, console records and community achievements we publish to over 600 other ESO Discord servers that follow us!


Our website contains numerous builds, guides (for Events, Trials, and more) and resources.

You can find great examples of such things on the following pages:

ESO Skills
ESO Item Sets Database

Hyperioxes' In-depth Arcanist Tank Review
May 2023 Daily Login Rewards
PvP Survival Tips for Whitestrake's Mayhem (by PainInTheAxe)
Exclusive ESO Developer AMA
Complete Guide to Healing In ESO for All Healers
Best Monster Sets for Tanks
EASY Heavy Attack Templar Build
Scrivener's Hall Dungeon and Hard Modes Guide
127k+ DPS Nightblade Build & Guide
& more.

We also archive every question and answer given in the ESOU Discord in the website so that people without Discord or who prefer not to use Discord can still gain the knowledge! We're currently growing our team of content contributors steadily to provide even more content for players to use!

Note: We're currently doing a complete overhaul of the entire website on both the backend and frontend so that we can implement ambitious features and functions more easily for ESO players to use such as calculators, trackers and eventually a Build Editor.

ESOU is partnered with ESO PvP Builds by Malcom to provide more players with more builds and guides for PvP as up to now our focus has been largely on the PvE aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO Directory is a part of ESOU's ongoing efforts to help ESO players and communities connect more easily both in and outside of The Elder Scrolls Online. Community or individual advertisements tend to get drowned out in numerous Discord channels or weekly ESO sub Reddit threads. Sometimes such ads are too sparsely spread across a few available online mediums (ESO Forums) with little attention paid to them. We also essentially improved upon the ingame Guild Finder for both desktop & mobile users with more Filters requested by many in the community along with a search bar for every platform and server.
  • You don't need Discord to browse available listings.
  • Easily use filters to see what's available.
  • You don't need a guild/community to advertise for activities.
  • You can look for other likeminded individuals through the Events section & advertise your own activities!
  • Analytics and Dashboard available for everyone. No minimums required.
  • If you're one of our Patreon or ESOU Discord Server Subscribers you get added benefits.

Check out our guide on using it here.

ESOU is also the home of our Hard Mode Stream Team which rosters many fantastic ESO streamers and content creators, some of whom are also part of the Official ESO Stream Team! Our roster includes Skinnycheeks, Olibeau, Eigh1Puppies, Deltia, Neli, TCLee, Malcolm and more!


ESO Explorer (prototype) is the future of how ESO players will preview ESO furnishings, mounts, styles and more! No longer do you need to depend on screenshots from the web or for you to try to find certain things ingame. We've implemented a FREE 3D model viewer with easy categorization and an auto-fill searchbar that will allow players to see exactly how small, big and beautiful ESO creations are either on your phone or desktop. We've also implemented an Augmented Reality feature on mobile devices where you can put these assets in your living space and walk around it to look at it from various angles so you can appreciate them even more. More news to come.

We have two other projects as well that we can't talk about just yet so feel free to bookmark this thread!


In the meantime, definitely follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Patreon to keep up to date with ESO news, guides, giveaways and project updates!

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