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Mayhem event high level guidance / advice

A new guide was posted yesterday: https://darkelves.com/mayhem/

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  • DrNukenstein
    -I'd recommend sustain+health food over stat pool+health food, especially for new pvpers. Jewels of Misrule is the best bang for buck today
    -35k health on most builds is overkill. 30k is the benchmark.
    -If an ability gives a healing morph and a damage morph, switch to the healing morph if you intend to use it
    -If you are new to pvp and are in a group, stay towards the middle so you don't get picked off
    -Replace crit chance sources with penetration, weapon damage, or crit damage when it's easy to do so
    -Run 2 swift jewels, it's a big difference for mobility and relatively small drop in damage
    -replace buff skills that require you to use them on a target (FG trap), with buffs that are cast directly on self (Race against time, the best skill in the game)
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