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A Little Whine Time

OK, so a while back I posted in the forums about getting the feeling at was about time to leave the game, mostly to frustrations!

That was kind of edited by the forum Mods and moved to Players Helping Players… There were a few comments , couple of ideas , but most of which I had covered myself and I was then No further forward, I have Kept persisting and now have went back the way to light armour, to try and get the damage up, it’s been a little better , but still not as good as it used to be.

So to help you understand here’s a quick outline of “Life” as I knew it and as its went on. I’m Ex-Military, So “Hurry Up and Wait! “ is a concept that I am well aware of.

A Few Years ago I Had an accident, I was working in what turned out to be a condemned building, long story short the roof I was standing on collapsed, I came 28 feet (9 meters(ish) ) onto concrete. I shattered my right shoulder and Broke my back in 3 places, that left me with a few mobility issues, over the years that’s been made worse by arthritis in the joints and stenosis of the spine, so movement is now permanently painful and slow.

Add to this I got “Fast onset cataracts”, Simply put you find it harder and harder to see over a period of 3 months , until basically you cannot really see. This was “Fixed” Surgically - or should have been, the first surgery they put in the wrong lens (too small & wrong prescription) the second they forgot the anaesthetic - remember your awake for these LMAO… As a result the inside of Both of my eyes are collapsing in on themselves, and I have the same cataract problems back.

So that’s the Problem’s I am faced with Playing the game - EVERY TIME!!

Now before all of the above, I had an understanding of the game as in DPS (before they changed the nice simple Champion Points).
So You drink a potion or Eat some Food (or both) – have abilities lined up in the Bar - you have your Gear Set Up and Ready, then you will mix and match light / heavy Attacks whilst using specific Abilities and Specific times and Orders, maximising the damage you do.

Basically, I cannot do that movement / Speed Stuff anymore Heck Most of the time I Cannot see the Screen!!! Let alone the keyboard or mouse. So It has to be simplified, Lightning staff and Heavy Attacks only, this means that The damage is always going to be down.

Add to this I am Now Always in Heavy Armour, I hate the reduction in movement speed , But at least I do not Die every 20 Seconds (on a good day) , this means that I kind of Have 2 roles to play with Tank and Healer , after all I am kitted out as a Tank and do Squat Damage , so I am 2/3 of the way there!! Healer easy Just heal Everyone All of the time whether they need it or not , and raise anyone who you trip over (literally) when you oops!

I am Genuinely trying to play the game as well as I can, and in most cases probably better than a lot of the abled seeing people, as I have nothing but time to waste on this.


I would like to do TRAILS , I used to enjoy them, and miss the armour drops lol, but I cannot, it pops up inn Chat “people wanted for Trial” – I cannot see that!! Therefore do not get into trials, failure is a day to day life thing for me and has been for as few years IRL, so a game is not as important, and I can try and try and try , as I said I have lots of time. Possibly Zenimax could get and undaunted trial thing into the game, that would be nice!!

Dungeons are better, as there are the undaunted pledges, normal and Vet, I understand that there has to be some that are just prince of Persia clones - this + this then that = move / jump / jump / left / jump / roll dodge / roll dodge / fire and repeat until its dead , some of us physically cannot do that! But its OK, you do not have to do everyone!

I also understand that there are people who just want to get into the dungeon and back out again as it’s a pledge, but there are some that have not done it before, and getting to the second boss before the person has even get the pledge has kind of ruined that persons Quest… A Little patience would not hurt, or ASK if anyone needs to do the Quest, it goes a long way for us Crips to be give a little bit of time!

I am Not wanting a game to be altered to Suit less able People – a Few alterations that could come in on request would be appreciated, I understand that if they made the game easier on Crip Mode, then a lot of the Able People would start using it for and advantage and that’s Probably why it will never happen.

I also Wish a lot of People would just get it into their heads “THIS IS A GAME”, YES - You’re a hero, your digital character has stormed the building with its never-ending supply of potions and arrows, and you have single handed vanquished the hoard inside, and only had to resurrect the once! Some have done this in Real Life, they could be resurrected, and all their family got was a box with a bit of metal and fabric with a letter that said “On Behalf of a Grateful Nation!” Others Survived and Play Games to try and ignore the PTS they now carry, only to be triggered by a Keyboard Hero!

The “Game” is important to a lot of People for Different reasons, I openly said what the Problems I have are (or at least some of them), others cannot be as open, either by not wanting to be seen as weak, or avoiding demons they cannot face in real life, or they Just want to be the best of the best in the game. But if a person asks For Help, its not a reason to rub their face in it by getting on your high horse and speaking down to them, LOL if it was not for Goggle and the internet, and the ability to copy what another has done – most would still be trying to get it done the first time!!

Is there a reason for this Post….?????

Well YES,

Over the past month I am finding it harder and harder to see the wall let alone the screen, that’s a Me Problem Not aa You Problem, but I have met in Dungeons a couple of people, who we chatted whilst waiting on replacements to come in, and found they were ins the same boat as me! (Blind Guy - with another reading the screen for them!!!) And it was enjoyable to find out that others struggle on instead of giving up.

All I ask is to give the people your playing with a little chance , Some may surprise you!

And PS I still cannot get the dammed toon to do damage!!!

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