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REBELLICIOUS is recruiting older gamers (30+)


Become a <REBEL> too

Rebellicious was founded in April 2016 in Black Desert Online and has grown into an international multi-game community for 30plussers since. We just celebrated our 7th birthday and are about 300 members strong. We play MMORPG's on European servers. We currently have active chapters in Final Fantasy 14 Online and Guild Wars 2 and are now starting up in The Elder Scrolls Online.

In Rebellicious we like to do things our own way. You will not find us racing to the highest level or eating through new content in a day or two. Instead we enjoy, explore and evolve in our own pace. We strive to be a non-hierarchical and easy going community. And we even encourage our members to have a real life.

Our events are always player-driven. That means that our members don’t look to the officers to organize anything but are in charge of their own fun and gaming experience. Our Discord server is set up with an events channel that everybody can use. The member becomes the organizer and is responsible for the activity. Other members can sign up for the event. So whether if you want to run a weekly high end raid or just look for a one time party to clear some content: the power is yours.

We are looking for the type gamer that embraces the community as their virtual home, adopts his fellow members as new best friends and is motivated to stick around for a long time. We expect you to be the proud owner of a decent English vocabulary that does not include excessive swearing and cursing. We have an age requirement of 30+. We don’t have a level requirement and welcome both new and experienced players.

Are you ready to become a Rebel too? Visit our website for more information or apply directly on Discord (don't worry, it is a just a simple text procedure, we don't make you talk if you don't want to).

We are looking forward to meet you!

Kind regards,
community leader
  • Silverfauve
    We still have slots for 30plussers :)
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