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Scriveners’ Hall - Immolation Trap Mechanic or bug?

So during the final fight of Vet (non-HM) Scriveners Hall the boss summons the trip wire circles that no one can step on. This is the Immolation Trap. There’s an achievement you get if everyone in the group lives through it.

My group knew this mechanic perfectly and we all followed to a tee, but after Lamikhai spawned back in (and we had to fight both bosses for the short bit) any time someone got Immolation Trap it would just one shot both players even if everyone stood still. No outside players encroaching when they shouldn’t, no inside players touching by accident. One time I saw the boss hurl an aoe on the ground and kill the two people who were trapped even though they were standing still, and another I wondered if letting the enraged Lamikhai (spider boss) touch the trap makes it blow up, but not sure.

Does anyone know what’s going on? Is it adds? Sorc pets? What can set off the trap, or is there a bug I don’t know about? I’m trying to get Scrivengers Hall Champion and that requires an achievement where we all live from the Immolation trap.

Just wanted to ask. Thanks to all in advance!
  • Djennku
    I wasn't there in your run, so I can't say for sure, but lamikhai when enraged will one shot the tank or anyone else, and if the tank is moving to pull her into the trap, and accidently touches the trap moving past it, it will fire. There is also an ability where the boss sets two or more people on fire with a heavy dot (not the trap), so that could have killed your groupmates if they can't outheal/mitigate the dot.

    Also, if you have the traps too close when they go off, they can fire on the people inside.

    EDIT: There is a spider add not the boss that will trap and pull a player to it. Think of the Sabina fight in Fang Lair. That spide could have easily snagged your teammate and pulled them through the trip wire.
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  • HappyTheCamper
    Well funny enough I ended up pugging it later and I got the achievement with only 3 people in the dungeon!
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