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Hey folks!
I am veteran player from pc eu. Was making a Pause from video games for 4 years. Returned to ESO, but already to PS.
I was VERY excited to play nonproc campaign. But at PSEU it’s literally dead (one 4-man pvdoor AD nightteam and that’s all players we have there).
I love nocp a lot, but can understand tbh why it is empty - people need to make different setups for bg and cyro, it’s not that cool etc.
And than I think - if it’s in that poor state, why zenimax just don’t replace it with good old azure star (nocp proc campaign)? It was always fun and less cancerous than cp (in nocp you can’t literally build infinite sustain + damage, so there just no immortals).
Maybe , just maybe, zos should look at event how it goes and just replace ravenwatch with azura.
Also it will be more fun to get nocp proc IC (it’s also just empty most of time).
You can also say me that proc nocp is bad and cancer, but I say in before - it’s still better than cp.
Thanks for read
  • olsborg
    What I hear from my friends who play Gray and full procc and cp say its just getting worse and worse, nobody is dying cause of proccs etc, easy to build immortal builds. Its ok populated pc nocp eu, but could be better ofc.

    PC EU
    PvP only
  • pedrogonzalez
    Your friends right.
    I mean I even ok with procs, can deal with it. But cp + procs provide people to build all in one without sacrifices, and that’s a really tank circus.
    Right now for me battlegrounds for ruleset is most balanced place in this game. But I really can’t even try noproc campaign. Because pvdoor is not PvP u know , people just don’t play it. In the last 2 weeks there was a biggest fight: me vs 3 ad.
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