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Sotha Sil's Disciples are looking for more members!


•> We are a small and relatively new guild, and we need new people to join! The guild itself has been around for around a year but was recently revived and we are basically starting anew. We have a lot of plans for the future, however we cannot fulfil them without awesome people like you joining us!
•> Originally we started as a guild more focused on trading and crafting however recently we became more of a social guild because we don't want to be tied down to focusing on just one area of the game. This means that no matter who you are, chances are there will be or maybe there already is something for everyone. Whether you're into PvP, Dungeons, Trials, Farming, Crafting, Housing, Trading, or just a good conversation, we're probably involved with what you're looking for
•> We currently only have around 25 members, 10 of which are also in our guild discord server, however we're always looking for more people to join us. We don't really care about how experienced you are or what champion level you are, we only want you to join us, to have fun, and help us grow!

In the discord server we can offer several things, for example a multitude of guides on:
•> Builds
•> Farming XP, Gold, and Materials
•> Obtaining Mythic Items
•> Achievements
•> Collectibles

Apart from guides, we can also offer the opportunity to meet new people, with various levels of knowledge and expertise, and no matter who you meet, we're all friendly and most important of all, we love helping others! The server can be also used to potentially find a group to do in-game content with, or if you'd like to show off the look of one of your characters, or maybe one of your houses, you can do that as well. Furthermore, because crafting is one of the core pillars that make us who we are, we can offer help with becoming a master crafter, and we openly provide gear and furniture crafting (as well as house decoration) services to other players, to make some extra gold on the side.

We all love good company and an even better conversation, so don't hesitate and don't be shy, we'd love to have you, no matter who you are. Although bonus points if you're a lore nerd as well ;)

Just like most bigger guilds out there we also offer a guild hall, which is there for your convenience if you need to transmute anything, or maybe you want to experiment with different Mundus Stones and don't want to teleport all over the place. Perhaps even you haven't found all the lore books yet but you're just itching to start reading and you could really do with a library at your fingertips. We have it all.


Aside from a main guild hall we also have other establishments, and they all have a purpose! Firstly, we have an arena that can be used for any future guild competitions and other organized guild events. It also comes outfitted with different sorts of utilities, and DPS dummies both for actually measuring your damage and for a warm up before an intense duel!


Secondly, we have an area that exists purely for socializing, a small guild village of sorts. It does also contain crafting stations, however the main idea is to provide our members with area to hang out, away from the larger masses of players and zone chat filled with messages of someone selling a skin run for several million or an item quadruple its worth. Instead, its a quiet and secluded area, just for the guild where everyone can come together away from all the noise.


There are definitely plans to build more areas for people to socialize, so do not think this is all there is!

Joining is super simple, you can send a message over in-game mail to @Grey_Incubus and you can let me know you'd like to join that way, or you can leave your user ID below and I will invite you in as soon as I am able to. Better yet, you can leave your discord name below or send it in-game and you will get a direct invite to the server along with the guild in-game, no hassle. Alternatively, if you have any questions you can also use all of the above methods to get a hold of me.

Become a Disciple today!
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