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Nightblade help plz pvp

Old magic nb main here who recently came back and cannot make it work in Cyrodil.
I have over 2000 CP. access to any sets.

I humbly ask for any recommendations for a gank and a bomber build.

Thank you for your time.
  • Necrotech_Master
    i dont know the exact build, but ive seen a lot of successful "cleave bombers"

    my guess on their sets would be dark convergence, VD and masters 2h

    they proc dark convergence and start cleave spamming the pulled enemies, but i dont know what they are doing for CP or prebuffing before going in for the nuke

    for a gank build, ive seen various of those that can work

    for a bow style gank there is swamp raider + scavenging demise

    for mag range gank ive seen crushing shock spam with winterborn (dont know the full build)

    for a melee style gank ive seen flame blossom, or vampire using a combination of concealed weapon and the melee vamp spammable (dont know the full build on these either)

    again, dont know the exact builds myself, but this is what ive seen around cyrodiil in terms of "effective" ganks/bombs
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
    active player since april 2014
  • Thecompton73
    For a bomber builds Rush of Agony paired with VD or PB and Balorgh's is incredibly strong. RoA pulls everyone to you at the point you make contact with and damage the enemy on a gapcloser. Because they get pulled in a 360 circle and can wind up anywhere from directly in front to directly behind you and are still susceptible to stuns Soul Tether has the best synergy of any burst Ulti. Paired with good ol proxy det and either Power Extraction or Whirlwind it can be devastating.

    As for ganking, anything that ups your upfront burst can help but there are not many gankable targets in Cyro, the meta is just too many high mitigation/high healing builds for it. But for what it's worth my best gank combo is using Master DW with double dot poisons and the Vate Bow, plus Balorgh's. I get right next to someone and do lethal arrow-la-poison injection-bar swap-dawn breaker-la-rending slashes-whirlwind spam until dead. It's a bit complicated but if you can get the barswap into DB part down they take the arrows, try to dodgeroll, get hit by DB and stunned so they take extra damage from rending slashes and by the time you're doing Whirlwind they also have 5-7 dots ticking away.
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