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Quest bugged: Rending Flames

trying to get the candle and the skull. the candle I got after solving the puzzle. I solved the puzzle for the skull but chest wont unlock. cant get skull
  • KJay1010
    same here. =/
  • keithwhitfordb14_ESO
    fixed now
  • Auldjohn
    May 2019, Rending Flames still broken. The OP from 2014 got the skul but couldn't get the candle. My issue is the converse, I got skull but the chest for the candle is already open with no candle. All three Shrine braziers are lit and the Journal Marker is exactly on the open chest where I am standing.
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  • Zombbus
    Sept '19 still broken, both of chests are opened and empty
  • MusicalPen37
    Soul Shriven
    Yep, on this quest this very day, 9/25/19, and I was able to get the skull, but the markers for the candle lead me to flames but chest is already open and there's no candle. Frustrating!
  • MusicalPen37
    Soul Shriven
    Update: I ended up getting this to work for me, even though chest was already open. Changed lights to match the lights behind them and the chest closed and I was able to retrieve candle 👍
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