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'Heart of the Beast' Dialogue (Side Quest Spoilers)

I know this game isn't the best when it comes to dialogue options, especially when it comes to making our character seem really dumb and forgetful, but this quest in Bangkorai really annoyed me when it came to it's (lack of) dialogue options.

So you stumble across the Wyresses who request your aid in reclaiming their grotto from the Reachmen. You agree to help and go on to activate four wards by slaying nearby bears. But then this is where the quest starts to fail for me. You meet the Wyresses in the centre of the grotto and then Wyress Linnae talks to you; she mentions that since you already agreed to help them, would you mind awfully sacrificing yourself by allowing them to rip out your heart and offer it to Hircine. You're not given the option to say no.

Instead, Wyress Nyronie interrupts and offers herself as a sacrifice - and then Linnae actually says no to her, and that the stranger has already agreed to help. Seriously?? Where's the option to tell Linnae to **** off and that I never agreed to be a sacrifice at any point.

After Linnae finally agrees to sacrifice her close friend and the person she essentially raised from childhood, she laments that she wishes there was another way. Again, where's the option to tell her that there is in fact another way. How about you sacrifice yourself Linnae??

The rest of the quest was quite enjoyable but Linnae will always be one of my hated NPCs now.
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