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NPC's and Allies

Is there a way to enable/disable the clickable feature on NPC's that follow along with you while doing quest so you don't always accidently click "E" on them instead of the loot you're trying to loot? This is also an issue while clearing dolmen's or standing at the bank when everyone has their allies out. If there isn't anything in game currently can ZOS implement something that each person can turn off the ability to click on others allies/NPC's?
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  • TybaltKaine
    I dunno about a setting for that right now. I've never run across one. As far as clicking on other people's allies that shouldn't be possible at all, even in base game on console. You kinda just phase through them if they are in front of you. Like companions I mean. I've also never clicked on another persons NPC follower while doing quests together with them.

    If I'm in a group, and we are all doing a quest that requires us to escort someone, I can only interact with my version of that NPC.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    if you want to block interaction with say a companion or another NPC, there is an addon pc for that (i dont use it though so i dont remember what its called)

    but it allows you to blacklist interactible things such as companions so you dont interact with them accidentally

    if your on console, then sadly your SOL unless zos implements something to do that
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