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Falling, Entering and Fighting into a blue screen

Not sure if anyone has had this issue. I've seen a few posts about falling through environment, but I seem to be ending up in the middle of nowhere after a few minutes of gameplay no matter what I am doing. /stuck no longer works; reloadui does not work either; logging off and back in brings me in the blue screen with my toon screaming.

System information ;Pentium B980 2.4g; RAM 4.0; 64 bit; Windows 8.1

Any suggestions?
  • pgiambal
    Can you tell us what the blue screen exception code is? for example "0x0000008c" or can you tell us if the blue screen lists a faulting module? For example, "nvd3dumx.sys" ?

    If the blue screen is going away too fast, you can make it stay up by turning off "automatically restart" in the Windows advanced system options.
  • SirAndy
    Try /stuck multiple times. It sometimes takes a few tries. Can you open your map and teleport to a wayshrine in a different zone while you fall?
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  • pgiambal
  • pgiambal
    I may have misread your post!

    I thought you were referring to a Windows blue screen hardware crash. My bad!
  • pacoffeegirlb14_ESO
    Thank you for your responses. Sir Andy has it correct, it is not the blue screen of death. Sometimes I am able to port to a Wayshrine and revive fine and sometimes /stuck might work. However, most of the time, I am still floating in the middle of nowhere with the game thinking all well with my toon. I need to quit the game to reset game graphics.
  • Stoob
    Think I may have this same issue.. I accidentally walked into a wall at the start of the game, While looking at my Map, but my character walked right through the wall and now I get the attached view.

    Edited by Stoob on April 1, 2014 3:58AM
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  • ZOS_BillE
    Hey folks,

    For those experiencing frequent falling through the world, this could be related to your graphic settings. Keep in mind that if your graphics settings are too high, the area around you can take time loading and cause you to fall through stairs, bridges, and the world in general. Try lowering your game settings to avoid repeating this issue.

    The video settings can be changed from two different locations. If you are at the Character Selection screen, you can change the video settings by clicking on the word Settings on the left-hand side, then making sure Video is selected.

    The video settings can also be changed once you log into the game. To do this, press the ESC key on the keyboard. From the menu that appears on the left-hand side, click Settings, then make sure Video is selected.

    Now for anyone already stuck, there are a few other things you can try besides the /stuck command or teleporting to a wayshrine.

    Typing /reloadui in the command line of the Chat Box
    Using /camp to log out, then attempt logging back in
    Teleporting to a friend via the Contact list [O]

    Please let us know if lowering the video settings helps prevent the frequent falling.
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  • Stoob
    I tried:
    Logging out and in,
    Teleporting to a friend.

    But got no success.

    The way I resolved the issue was:

    Completely close the game,
    Check Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) for "eso.exe" under "Services",
    If it's there, End Service it.
    Then reload the game and login and try "/stuck" again.
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  • pacoffeegirlb14_ESO
    Ditto - only totally exiting game and restarting computer worked for a bit, but after 10 min of playing, I fall through the environment again. I lowered the graphic option to the lowest setting possible.

    Would my graphic setting at 1366 x768 affect the game mechanics? Also fiddled with the 3D, will this help?
  • Stoob
    Not sure, After rebooting, I haven't had the issue since.
    You could always try changing it?
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