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Looking for Guild (PC/EU)

Hello all,

I am a new player (well returning but its been years) and I am looking to hopefully find a social guild and group. I am still working on the class to main and doing my homework but I plan on getting started tonight.

I was a long time BDO player (Sorry) who got to a point of being sick of the grinding and I have found in my older years I seem to enjoy the slow pace and story of games. I purchased ESO back at launch but never really played it with my highest level character only getting to level 20. I have been doing my research to try and find something I think would suit me and I believe I have done that now.

I am really looking for a Mature guild, active on chat and a place that after a long day a work I can come to chill and relax with like minded people. I am looking to do More PvE and experience the things that the game have to offer and do things that I have not even see is on offer.

I can be contacted on here or in-game if something like this is suited.

Thank you
  • DanielKain
    Soul Shriven
    Gilde Heldenwacht sucht noch neue Knappen, die einmal zu Helden werden wollen. Wir freuen uns über jeden neuen Knappen der sein Schwert an der Seite geselliger Kameraden heben will . Spaß und geselliges erkunden Raiden oder Events ist das was uns aus macht.
    Bei Interesse schreibt mich an. Wir freuen uns auf jeden.


  • Grey_Incubus
    Not sure if you're still interested, but I have a small social guild I'm trying to grow. Would love to have you :)
    Join our discord server and we'll sort you out: https://discord.gg/mNpBxR2X9s
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