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Housing Idea

Having questable npc's that you can recruit to go live at your housing would be pretty neat. To elaborate:
There would be npc's that if you develop a repoire with through questing you could get them to ultimately come live at your residence.
Unlike the stationary banker and the ones we can set now, these would independently roam your residence and do random actions.
It would make housing look more alive and immersive
  • Danikat
    This is exactly how companions work. You meet them out in the world, quest with them for a while, do some personal quests for them which help you get to know them better and eventually you can add them to your houses.

    There's also Brahgas, a Tales of Tribute player who is available as a house guest after you get the ToT Master achievement (by which point you'll have done all the quests he's involved in).

    Also all house guests can be set to move around. Unfortunately you can't tell them to use emotes and they can't interact with objects but they're not stuck in place.
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