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QOL Improvements - Low Health and NPC Dialogue

Low Health

When at low health, the screen gains a red tint. At very low health, sounds also become muffled as the red tint takes up the entire screen space.

When playing as a vampire, it's possible to not have passive health regen, so staying at low health persists.

For some reason these health based visual and audio ques remain even while in a game of TOT. It's distracting and messes with the experience of playing a round of cards. Yes, this issue is easy to not cause, but game states following players into a match of TOT also just spells out larger trouble since it could possibly open up the door to abusing this mechanic some how for an advantage. I have no idea how, it just seems like such states should follow players into unrelated game modes.

Talking to NPCs

I accepted a TOT match while taling to a Guild Trader NPC. The game was unplayable. Again, I don't know why accepting a match TOT can't disengage a player from whatever game state they are in when entering the match.
Don't tank

"In future content we will probably adjust this model somewhat (The BOP model). It's definitely nice to be able to find a cool item that you don't need and trade it to someone who can't wait to get their hands on it." - Wrobel
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