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Loremaster's Archive: Arcanist Lore

Community Manager
Welcome all to our second Loremaster's Archive of 2023! This time, we're diving deep into the lore surrounding the Arcanists. Do you have a question related to these unique magic-wielding individuals? The power of Apocrypha, after all, is ever-shrouded in mystery. Ask your questions here and our resident Arcanist Azandar al-Cybiades himself will endeavor to provide answers!
To help our Loremaster answer as many questions as possible, please keep your questions short (no more than a line or two) and limit yourselves to one question apiece. We'll keep this thread open for one week (closing 4/25/2023 @ 10am ET/3pm UTC) for everyone to get your questions in starting today. We await your Arcanist questions!

*Once the question asking period is over, we will move this to the lore section of the forum. A separate post will be made with the Loremaster Archive article link.
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  • Parasaurolophus
    What caused so many arcanists to show themselves right now? Maybe the lack of a barrier between Nirn and Oblivion now made their Daedric magic stronger?
    Fonarik the wood orc.
  • Credible_Joe
    Before the upcoming chapter, the only example of an Arcanist we have is the First Dragonborn, Miraak. Is he a known figure among Arcanists in Apocrypha? Does he have any influence over the doctrine of Arcanist practice, like Galerion does for magic, or Mannimarco for necromancy?
    Thank you for coming to my T E D talk
  • Aliyavana
    As a knight myself, I am intrigued by whispers about these so called "rune knights". What can you tell me about them? Are they Arcanists that happen to be knights, do they follow any codes or belong to any specific knightly order, how does one become one, and how do they compare to knightly traditions present on Tamriel?

    - Sir Greensly of the Knights of Saint Eleidon

    Rune Knights are mentioned in an Arcanist skill, which is why I asked this question.
    Edited by Aliyavana on April 25, 2023 12:35AM
  • omnimuffin
    As somebody raised amongst strong anti-magic traditionalists in the depths of the Alik'r and possessing little magical potential of my own, I have noticed that Arcanist spells appear to be very physically complex, producing intricate sigils and glyphs.

    I am unclear on the mental processes involved with spellcasting; why do some spells require incantations and sigils and intense ritual, and others simply a wave of the hand- and where upon this spectrum do Arcanist techniques lie, with their tomes and luminous, hovering sigils?

    Blessings of Morwha Upon You,
    Artun at-Itamen,
    Alik'r Nomad
  • skinnycheeks
    I'd just love a walkthrough of the skill names and some backstory behind why they were named what they are.
  • Windshear
    Greetings to you, Azandar al-Cybiades,

    I have heard of the Hushed, and the Seekers of Apocrypha. Further have I heard that the Prince of Knowledge's influence warps those that walk his halls - 'their flesh falls away', yet they are still permitted to browse his libraries; does this fate befall Arcanists, as well? What separates them from the Hushed?

    Count Bahri Olo
  • KingArthasMenethil
    In regards to the Arcanists we've seen that Daedric Artefacts can corrupt people into being puppets or turn them into Daedric creatures but what about the magic Arcanists use? Is there a chance it applies a degree of Daedric corruption or something else entirely?

    Gaius Sulla of the Thirteenth Legion.
    Edited by KingArthasMenethil on April 18, 2023 4:40PM
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    Bedal Dren 50 Dunmer Dragonknight.
  • Vinovin15

    I heard Arcanists make use of "Runes" in their spellcasting. Do these Runes have any relation to other runes we know about, such as the Runic language of Runestones?

    -Benessa Gibby, Enchanter of The Company"
  • LunaFlora
    Greetings Azandar al-Cybiades,
    How does one become an arcanist?

    - Lunetta Gleamblossom
    miaow get cherry blossomedPS EU |~| PS NA |~| PC EU |~| "Eagles advance, traveler! And may the Green watch and keep you."
  • The_Curator
    Soul Shriven
    “Tidings Azandar,

    I am curious… What would happen if one were to come across an Arcanist’s tome? Could its power be invoked by a stray collector? Or does an Arcanist’s bargain grant an exclusivity?

    - Magister Gwenaelle Mathis of the Mages Guild.”
  • CE_Nex
    Harnessed Quintessence allows one to master the warp and weft of the Arcanist's soul. Can the weave of one's own soul be remade and woven anew with this power? For instance, to make the mortal soul oscilate instead like an Ada or Dov?

    - C.E.Nex, Dragon Cultist
  • spartaxoxo
    A foolish pet of Hermaeus Mora says what?

    -definitely not an Azura follower
  • Cactus_Back
    Greetings, Master al-Cybiades.

    I'm curious, does the word "Arcanist" refer only to those mages who draw their power from Hermaeus Mora and Apocrypha? Or any Daedric Prince in general? If it's the former, what would mages who received their power from other Daedric Princes be called?

    Thank you for your time,
    An anonymous researcher.
  • Ashevajak
    Soul Shriven
    To the esteemed Azandar al-Cybiades,

    What risks are present in an Arcanist's form of spellcasting, when compared with others? Naturally all forms of spellcasting present risks - especially by those inexperienced - but I am wondering if there are specific concerns in the Arcanist's chosen source of power? Drawing deeply upon Apocrypha and the knowledge spirited away by the Abyssal Cephaliarch seems like it would pose additional dangers, given that some of what is hidden in that realm may be locked away for good reason. There are more than a few accounts of those drawing upon tomes associated with Hermaeus Mora ending up catatonic or being driven insane for example, and so I wonder to what extent are Arcanists exposed to this possibility?

    Warm regards,

    Aviera Evicus, Researcher at the Wayrest House of Antiquities
  • Mr_Jord_Joe
    What guarantees that hermaeus mora won't break the contract that says he won't do us any harm, nor our interests during the duration of the contract/pact, is hard to believe that he let us acquire hidden knowledge from him, and then just leave us free?

    - Mr.Jord Joe, The Runic Arcanist.
  • Coppes
    Salutations Master al-Cybiades,

    Is it possible for an Arcanist to ally themselves with Hermaeus Mora for selfish reasons, such as power and knowledge, then exit their service of the Master of the Tides of Fate retaining this gifted power for their use indefinitely?

    In exchange for this knowledge (I know you Daedric cultists always come to collect), I offer you the only, as far as I know, copy of "Reassessing the Laws of Inter-evocative Hermetic Harmonics" rescued from destruction at the hands of the deranged Apostles who lurk in the ruined depths of Lake Halcyon.

    --Daveth al-Kozanset, the Spellcraver
  • MafiaCat115
    Hello, Arcanist Azandar al-Cybiades

    I am curious if any Arcanists, or maybe Hermaeous Mora himself, has ever visited Jyggalag's library (Or rather, what is left of it in Sheogorath's realm). I have heard debates about which one is larger, and I would love some potential firsthand insights as I have yet to encounter any follower of the Prince of Order or Prince of Knowledge who could answer my question.

    Asrea Starlight, a Scholar of Knowledge and Theologies
    Edited by MafiaCat115 on April 24, 2023 1:58PM
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  • LukosCreyden
    For what reason would one find themselves drawn to becoming an Arcanist if they had no connection or desire to worship Hermaeus Mora? Would such a thing even be possible? If so, how?
    Struggling to find a new class to call home.Please send help.
  • Aliyavana
    thank you for this archive. i went ahead and posted my questions. i am loving some of these other questions that have been asked
    Edited by Aliyavana on April 18, 2023 9:35PM
  • TheImperfect
    If an arcanist decided to stop being an arcanist and quit service to Hermaeus Mora, despite having gained much knowledge whilst an arcanist, is there any consequence for quitting or is quitting not an option? Is someone quitting just so unlikely, due to the wonders they learn, that it's a moot question because it'll never happen?
  • Tornaad
    Greetings Azandar al-Cybiades. I am curious, how did you become an Arcanist, and is that the way most people become Arcanists? Also, in 50 years, where do you see the study of the Arcanists evolving too?

    Thank you most kindly for entertaining my curiosity.
    Edited by Tornaad on April 19, 2023 12:37AM
  • BardokRedSnow
    Drem Yol Lok Azandar al-Cybiades,

    As a traveling Nord battle bard and Dragon Knight, I became curious of all things associated with tonal architecture. I’ve discovered its example in dwemer tech as well as from witnessing the power of the dragons returned, such as Maarselok the Blue Scourge. Your rune powers intrigue me, and I wonder how much of it is invoked by spoken word, if any, like many a mage spell and incantation are, as well as the thu’um. How much of your power transfers from the page to the tongue.

    -Bardok Red-Snow, Tongue Scholar
    Edited by BardokRedSnow on April 19, 2023 2:11AM
  • WiseSky
    Greetings LoreMaster,

    If someone wants to make the Arcanist their new main class while staying true to the lore, can you suggest a plausible way for them to undergo a transformation from their previous class?

    For now my idea, is that my main entered The Orrery of Elden Root and will emerge as the Arcanist.

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  • BloodyStigmata
    My sisters and I have traveled far and wide across Tamriel and never before have we encountered the kind of magic the Arcanists wield until recently. What exactly is it? Does it have its origins in Aetherius as other magicka does, or is this something entirely of Mora's own making so to speak? Is it at all tonal in nature, or does it involve manipulating our reality in other ways? Can you suggest any ways to better defend against it?

    -Ellenindra, Spark of the Sirens
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  • Benefactor
    Greetings Azandar al-Cybiades,

    The knowledge that arcanist have acquired seem to be held within their imitation black books. Unfortunately I have not seen one of these books without their owner. What protections do Arcanists use to keep their book from falling into the hands of enterprising scholars or thieves and what methods can I use to get around these protections?

    PS. Where you by any chance from Cosh Hall on the island of Cybiades?

    Edited by Benefactor on April 19, 2023 6:57AM
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