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Windhelm, I didn't win the race. Can you win the race?

If so, what happens when you win the race? I'm not starting the game from the beginning over it. The race was done with my Dragon Knight. I've a Templar; thought he could win the race, yet I'd have to put my stats all stamina higher level to unlock that and get the archer run passive level 41 Hasty Retreat. I thought at least once of those would for certain help. Unless both are needed to win the race. I got to this race at level 12. I didn't want to do other game content until I get to here. So, this I thought is good enough. I didn't run the foot race on horseback, not fair.
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  • SeaGtGruff
    I don't think you're supposed to win the race, because it seems like it's more a test of character as well as a chance to find out about the bad guys in the zone storyline. There's so much cheating by the bad guys during the race that it might not even be possible to win; the UESPWiki doesn't say one way or the other.

    Edit: However, the list of possible journal entries for that quest doesn't include anything which mentions having won the race, which implies that you can't win. And I thought the whole point of being asked to compete in the race was to try to gain some information about what the bad guys are up to.

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    I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than me!
  • kevkj
    You can 'win' but it really doesn't change anything about the quest.
  • Scott86
    I didn't stop to help the guy who was shot by the arrow and murdered. If I ever play through this again with my Templar, I'll try to stop and see what happened to him.
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  • Monte_Cristo
    Last time I did the race was with an orc necro. The orc speed boost passive helps. The race is winnable, but some sort of speed boost would help. Winning just means the same dialogue as completing but not winning.
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