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I am interested in getting some people together who want to attempt vet dlc and trials

I am in guilds but I don't want to join some established military type system with ranks that plays late eastern times. I am CST based and would want to start things no later than 6 - 7pm cst. I do not want to voice chat most of the time, this part drives me nuts, I like tv or music when i play lol.

I want people who have never done things, but have the will to try and try until its done. No pain no gain. failure is not an option. loyalty. those are attributes of people i like.

I understand parse is important and i am near 90k in parse, but parse doesn't mean much to me because it doesn't mean anything in real world when you need to handle mechs. Am i great? no, I might be that guy who dies during a no death run lol but i am better than i was, I can live well now if i learn the mechs. I am not looking for someone to go read articles of how to win. I am not looking for someone who has done all to come and say do this or that. I want to experience learning for myself.

  • nebula3832
    Are you on na/en server xbox/playstation or pc?
    Im interested im na xbox 🙂
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