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Finding a Glamour?

Seems like ESO makes it unreasonably hard to find out what folks are wearing. If you see a character and say - "Gee, I'd like to wear that." You are basically stuck. I have tried for almost an hour to find out how to get what I see a fair number of folks wearing.

I've tried the Crown Store, I've search some Guild shops, I've searched the Wiki and the Glamour sites for ESO. Can't find it. Of course there is no "Examine", which most other games have BTW.

So what is this and how do I get it.


Thanks a bunch,
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  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    Dark Seducer costume, granted by reaching CP 60.

    The markings are Buoyant Armiger body tattoos and face tattoos from doing Vvardendfell main story.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    yeah theres no way to see what styles a person is using, or even gear they are using, without straight up asking them

    honestly if someone asks me what style X is, i have no problem telling them, linking the style item, and telling how to get it (if they ask that too)
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