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(PC/NA) Touch my Sweetrolls is recruiting for members and vet trial teams!

Touch My Sweetrolls is a small cult, I mean guild, focused on group PvE. We are looking for active players that want to prog vet content. In Touch My Sweetrolls, fun comes first, progression second. When you become a Sweetroll you will get to know and respect the Sweetrolls who have your back. We will work together to help each other develop skill, earn achievements, and progress through content. We represent a wide variety of skill levels, experience, and interests in all parts of the game and are eager for active players like you to join us.

Our regular events include a Normal Trial night on Fridays and Chill Vet Trial Night on Saturdays. We are planning to bring back dungeon night and a PvP event focused on leveling alliance skills. Currently we have two vet trial progression groups, two vet dungeon prog groups, and are looking to expand. Guild groups have previously completed all vet trials, all 4-person hardmodes, and more than a few trifectas. Discord is required for events.

We value the ability to listen and follow mechanics, patience, willingness to learn, and communication. As a community we strive to balance seriousness and joviality in everything we do. We are welcoming, friendly, and excited for you to join us! Send an in game message to @Skraelingjar

We are recruiting for our vet trial groups.

We have one full time DPS <or experienced trial tank> spot on our Nutty Sweetroll team (currently working on Kyne's Aegis HM) and then at least one backup/fill position. This team has had great success in progressing through all sorts of content and is now moving onto HM DLC trials. Our entry requirements are very reasonable and the big focus is finding people with the right attitude. We are constantly learning as we go, changing strategy on the fly, and helping each other progress. This group runs Wednesday 9-11pm eastern. Our next trial is likely to be vCR+? so if you main an oakensoul build, you will need to have a viable 2-bar build.

We are also looking for backup/fill DPS positions for our Oakbusters group (currently working on Sunspire HM), which is a fun group made up of all Oakensoul dps (for as long as they remain viable). This group runs Thursday 9-11pm eastern.

If you are interested in joining either of these teams, shoot @AlwaysDancing an in-game message and we will chat about it. Requirements are reasonable for a HM team (60k dps and experience in the non-HM version - but more is always better). Both of these teams are relatively relaxed, and we won't put up with much sweaty crap - we die, we laugh, we rezz, we alter our strategy a bit and try again. At the end of the night we are a group of friends who do trials together and we plan on staying that way - we just need some more new friends.

Cheers and hope to see you in game!
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