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So, Im a sorcerer and in all classes there are 3 skill-lines, is it best to focus on just one or to mix up?
  • SirPuppingtonVonHat
    During leveling, mix it up as needed to level the skill lines. Even if there are only a few key abilities in each tree that you want, pre-50 is the time to get them. Once you finish leveling your character, specialize as you see fit.
    The Psijic Order
  • Syntical
    Ok, because right now i have 2 spells in dark magic, 1 in storm calling and 1 in summonings, so i can lvl the 3 lines up fast, but i got so unsure if it would be worth it because of the morphs too
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  • Syntical
    I still cant figure if its worth it though, if i just should take the skills and skill passives i want and then do something else with the rest :P
  • Castielle
    You can play around with the skill lines and always reset your skill points later. Having fun experimenting is half the fun no? Probably a good idea to have one of each skill on your bar while you level though so you can max out those lines.

  • Izzo
    Can go either way. You still gain experience in your morphed abilities so you can decide weather you want to be a something like a swiss army knife and do all things but master none of them, or focus on a select few and see them through.
    up to you.
  • gimmethecreepsb14_ESO
    honestly with 320 potential skill points, you'll be able to master a line or two and have plenty to spare. As a sorc, even if you plan on utilizing dark magic the most (I do) I'd recommend picking up the storm calling powers. On some boss fights the CC abilities from dark magic don't do much good, so its nice to switch in the dps powers from storm calling.
  • lorenz
    Soul Shriven
    The current skills that I use (which seems to be working very well) are
    1. volatile familiar
    2. mages wrath
    3. crystal blast
    4. velocious curse
    5. winged twilight
    ultimate is greater storm atronach
  • Vladdra
    I had the same question, and sadly, have only put into weapon skills (two handed weapon) and trade skills (blacksmithing) thus far. I play a templar, so will put one into the initial healing eventually as I will probably need it.

    I am happy to see it is believed we can "reset" our skills at some point as I believe I will spend in the wrong place from time to time.

    Thank you all for your knowledge.
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