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A bit confused about Necrom Prologue Quest....

Ok I am going to hide most of this behind a spoiler tag. Please only read after you have completed the prologue quest...

So the Dark Elf guy is the traitor, but he gives me a letter that tells me of an entrance that gets around his own ambush...

Why give me the letter in the first place? He could have sent me off in a wild goose chase while he deals with the High Elf without my protection. I don't understand his plan.

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  • isadoraisacat
    i think maybe he was trying to come off as sincere to throw you off a bit ? I knew it was gonna be him because the other chick acted more sinister at first
  • TaSheen
    Um. They're messing with time? As in "portents of the future past"?
    Life's a journey, not a destination.
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  • BardokRedSnow
    I figured it was him because his way was straightforward and convenient, and thats where you set up an ambush. Hers was well out the way, where most players I figured wouldnt bother to go. So I took the longer way.
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