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How About DEVS Helping Players!

I Appreciate the Players helping Players, lots of good information and tips. BUT.... I have an account I am on the verge of Just Binning its just simply Fubar'd compared to my Other accounts. Zenimax do not give you Manuals , Setup instructions nor full guides , but continually add more and more things that its a suck it and see approach.

A Dev actually looking at the Problems and saying "Nope - we designed this to do... What your doing is not going to work, but if you change this to that, then your golden!" that would make the experience of the game a whole lot less frustrating. lol or in my case take control of the game - make the changes required and let me see how its meant to be. the rest I could work out in the future. Right now I am hitting my head against a wall getting more and more frustrated ... where it may actually be a very simple mistake on my part that's causing me grief!!

or I may have a genuine account problem, I am NEVER GOINNG TO KNOW!!!
  • JimFord047
    As another example of how I cannot get my head around bits in the game......

    Make 3 sets of Armour from a station with the same effects for light / medium / heavy they are ALL the exact same specs as in the 1,2,3,4,5 bonuses.


    enchant them ALL as Magic , Use a Lightning staff, and the light is better than the medium which better than the heavy
    enchant them ALL as stamina and use Dual Wield , the medium comes out as Best
    Enchant them ALL as Health and use Two Handed , the Heavy Comes out as the best

    light = Magic, Stamina = Medium, Health = Heavy. So Why bother having the armour sets all the same????

    if is a Magic Set , then it should only be light
    if its a Stamina Set then it should only be Medium

    the sets give the person the idea that you can use it equally for all setups, where in my messing around is not the case. and you will spend hours / days / weeks trying to get a set to do what looks like it cannot do!!

    This is Just one example of something that needs explaining!!!
  • Skullstachio
    I have the distinctive impression you may be the kind of player that has had their hand held a bit too much...

    Word of advice, If your just getting started in ESO, try to have some level of patience and take your time, there is a lot you can do which others may have pointed out already.
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  • VaranisArano
    I assume you are talking about crafted sets?

    Crafted sets allow you to mix and match what weight of armor you have while keeping the set bonuses. So if you want to use the Julianos set bonuses, but for some reason you want to have a heavy cuirass, you can. Assuming you've learned the required number of traits on that item to craft the set, of course.

    As for why you'd want to do that, consider that ESO's gameplay changes over time. There have been times in the past where it was more advantageous to mix your armor weights and wear sets that don't seem to match your playstyle. Right now, it's not particularly advantageous to do so in PVE. Depending on how you play in PVP, it might be, it might not be.

    Right now, you're correct that in general:
    Magic = light armor, magicka
    Stamina = medium armor, stamina enchants
    Health = heavy armor, whatever best boosts your tankiness

    Crafted sets simply let you mix and match, so you could craft a magic-oriented set like Julianos in heavy armor for a magic-using Tank in PVE. Or craft a tank-oriented set like Fortified Brass for your Medium Armored Stam Warden in PVP. Both of which I did, years ago. I remember when New Moon Acolyte was basically the crafted set for both magicka and stamina gank builds in PVP.

    It's true that ESO generally won't hold your hand to get you to an optimized set-up. Instead, you get a lot of freedom to experiement. However, there's lots of helpful player-made guides and I'm sure if you ask those questions other players will be happy to help.
  • isadoraisacat
    From what I have seen with ESO you learn from asking the community. It is a mmo so it is a social game. I have severe crippling anxiety. And I learned you need to reach out to others. People have helped craft me sets / answer questions / help with with dungeons quests etc etc I think other players are better to ask and trust me this community is not like the souls games community which is pretty toxic the people here for the most part are really here to help. I’ve yet to have a bad experience with other players here vs other games.

  • VaranisArano
    Out of curiosity, what's the problem with your account?
  • fred4
    I doubt there is a dev who knows build-crafting as well as experienced endgame players. Experimenting is part of the game. That's where the fun is for people like me. The devs do not predict everything. Note by "endgame player" I mean people who organise vet trials to go after achievements on the one hand, and hardcore PvPers on the other. Arguably the PvE solo player going after "impossible" dungeon clears is another. Did you know ZOS banned the first person to get a 600K score in vet Maelstrom Arena for cheating? They couldn't believe it, but it was legit. If they knew everything, stuff like that wouldn't happen.

    Armor types are mix and match these days. If you are strictly after PvE damage and you are alone or in an uncoordinated group, then sustain matters. That's why light armor works best for magicka builds and medium armor best for stamina builds. Once you PvP or play in a coordinated group, that goes out the window. In PvP your magicka character may prefer crit damage and the better tankiness of medium over light, especially if you get crit % from a set like Mechanical Acuity or you sustain with, say, Darloc Brae or Wretched Vitality or by meditating or via heavy attacks. In PvE a group may provide penetration bonuses that make light armor partially redundant (because there is a penetration cap). Even tanks are arguably better off in medium armor for some content that requires a lot of movement, such as vet Blackrose Prison. Medium has the sprint speed, much lower dodge roll cost, and the lowest block cost to boot. With so many options available in the current game it's quite easy to get to the resistance cap (33K) in medium armor. If you heal with a Master's 1H+Shield weapon, the lower cost of Puncture is arguably another plus.
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  • TaSheen
    Out of curiosity, what's the problem with your account?

    He goes into detail in this thread:



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