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Xbox EU Performance in Cyro being Overlooked.

Why is it that ZOS have not addressed the issues that so many players complain about, more specifically relating to the Xbox EU server. These are supposedly the most stable servers out of them all, which is a laughable claim. 2 Bars DC, 1 bar AD and 3 bar EP tonight and the performance is like that of a game with 1 million people playing on the map, absolutely unplayable.

Every 5 seconds no bar swap, no skills, which lasts for 30 seconds, horrendous FPS, continuously stunned using potions or sets that are supposed to help mitigate this, stuck in combat for 30 minutes, players crashing everywhere, voice communication not working, keeps not rendering in, rubber banding and desyncing back to where you were 1 minute ago.

This isn't bashing, this is an opinion, but whoever leads this should be ashamed of the product being provided. Not because they are solely responsible for it, but because there is absolutely no communication, no acceptance that this is a problem, no real effort to address this. Just more dlc and gimmicks whilst the game becomes more and more unplayable. You think you've seen the worst of it and *somehow* it actually gets worse!!

I don't understand why anyone would continue to feed this game with money whilst they simultaneously complain about the lag and performance, that seems to be the only way to affect change.

ZOS, anyone, any of the developers, can you please explain in detail how this is acceptable and why you refuse to fix or address these issues? Why do you release gimmicky aesthetic dlc whilst doing absolutely nothing to improve the core issues that absolutely plague this game? Why is Xbox EU overlooked?
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