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WHY does the Maelstrom S&B have multiple 1h weapons it can drop with?

Pretty much the title but this applies to other arenas as well.

I've been running vMA trying to get the Frost Staff and I've been (annoyingly) getting the Maelstrom S&B with multiple different one handers. Why is this a thing? To my knowledge there is no benefit to running any one 1h mace/sword/axe/dagger over another alongside a shield so what's the point of clogging up arena drops with these useless combos? Is it just a way to lengthen the grind?
  • Blood_again
    Sorry if it sounds like oldman's grumbling. But I found that calling 14 runs instead of possible 11 as "way to lengthen the grind" very funny.
    No offense. I just look how happy todays players can be with collections and curated drop working. Compared it with past 90+ vMA runs without single bow for my 5 stam alts in old days... it is just 14 runs to get all, what you want. 7 runs for the most lazy ones during the event. I dare you it is not so much.
  • Necrotech_Master
    all of the arena sets are like this (MA, VH, DSA, BRP, AS)

    i also dont see the difference 3 runs would make, usually these 1h/shield weapons are the last ones i need for the collection lol
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  • Daoin
    to make sure you dont get what you want and never return atleast now theres a sure thing you'll get something new even if you still get what you want last, and no just one run to get what we want hehe, with no intentions of hitting the leaderboards or playing until its a trifecta so no needing a maelstrom build it sounds all to fair if we get what we want first time around, without the even 7 time grind yes. and for me more than 2 visits a year to those arenas is a grind above and beyond.
    Edited by Daoin on April 4, 2023 4:54PM
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