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Decoration Tips and Tricks

Hi Guys,

I wanted to share some of the tricks i learned for house decoration, for those interested in looking for cheap and practical ideas to decorate. So here I go:
  1. Fire logs for those fire places in your home. You just need: "Rough Firewood, Stack" + "Daedric Brazier Table" and you can have nice cozy working fire place for you home with cheap ingretiends. The "Rough Firewood, Stack" are sold for 100g from Housing Decoration vendors in most zones and the Brazier is cheap to buy from Trade Guilds, you can use other options, but this one worked for me. cryxc7z7fcf7.png
  2. You can create a Fireplace with pieces of furniture from Summerset House Decoration vendor. Example: p9c52h95kbnd.png
  3. You can use plans to decorate interior areas like this: s7h33bjqh5ax.png

I will post more ideas from what I have done from different houses I have made. Share your ideas!
  • Necrosaro_123
    This is also another idea I got for that "Khunzari's-Rest" decoration that you get from quest rewards in Elsweyr:
  • Necrosaro_123
    You can turn those "Imperial Braziers" that you get from leveling alts into something like this:
    or this:
  • evymyu233
    <3 this is creative!
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