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PlayStation Patch Notes v2.42/1.24 - Scribes of Fate DLC & Update 37

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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v2.42 (PS4) / v1.24 (PS5) and the beginning of the Shadow Over Morrowind adventure! This DLC features two challenging new 4-player PvE dungeons. In Bal Sunnar, you’ll help the Psijic Order investigate and contain a strange power emanating from a mysterious township. In Scrivener’s Hall, you’ll fight your way through the twisted acolytes of the Scribes of Mora and confront their villainous new leader, Valinna. Completing these dungeons also gives you the chance at obtaining a number of new item sets, collectibles, achievements, and more.

As part of the free base game update, we’ve added 3 new PvP item sets that are earned from Rewards of the Worthy in addition to new Alliance Emblem Face Markings, plus several housing quality-of-life improvements and new furnishings. We’ve also added screen narration to the accessibility settings, which does require Accessibility Mode to be enabled. Many daily and weekly timers have also been aligned to the same time as the Daily Login Reward; details on which areas are affected are detailed in the patch notes below.

We hope you enjoy this year’s first DLC, which is approximately 46.51GB for PS4 and 4.46GB for PS5 in size.

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Scribes of Fate DLC
      • Two New Dungeons
      • New Item Sets
      • New Collectibles & Dyes
      • New Furnishings
      • New Achievements and Titles
      • New PlayStation Trophies
    • Update 37 Base Game
      • Daily/Weekly Reset Timer Updates
      • New Rewards for the Worthy
      • Alliance Emblem Face Markings
      • Updates to Target Markers
      • New Furnishings
      • Housing Quality-Of-Life Improvements
      • Screen Narration
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Companions
    • Itemization & Item Sets
  • Fixes & Improvements
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Scribes of Fate DLC

    Two New Dungeons
    • Bal Sunnar: A mysterious temporal anomaly has drawn the Psijic Order to the dark elf tower at Bal Sunnar. What is the cause of the disturbance, what are the implications to Tamriel, and why are the local Dunmer so fearful and hostile to those trying to help? Whatever the cause, temporal magic is dangerous and the Psijic Order must contain this anomaly no matter the cost.
    • Scrivener’s Hall: Under twisted new leadership, the scholars of the Scribes of Mora have transformed into an order of violent zealots. Will you assist the exiled former leader of the Scribes, help him infiltrate their conclave’s home in Scrivener’s Hall and put an end to the dangerous Valinna’s reign?
    • Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall are 4-player dungeons which can be reached via Stonefalls and The Rift respectively.
      • Bal Sunnar’s entrance is in eastern Stonefalls. The entrance is south of Senie.
      • Scrivener’s Hall’s entrance is located in the south of The Rift, west of the Smokefrost Peak Dolmen.
    • Both dungeons include a Normal version in addition to a challenging Veteran version. Each dungeon features challenging Hard Modes for each of their three boss encounters.
    • There are unique item sets to obtain including two new Undaunted Monster Mask sets, only available within the dungeons.
    • Unique Achievement awards are available for completing the dungeons, including the following:
      • Unique Skin
      • A unique Memento
      • A new, unique tool
      • Several Titles
      • Unique housing items

    New Item Sets
    We have added several new item sets and Monster Masks to acquire from the Scribes of Fate dungeons:
    • Bal Sunnar
      • Ritemaster’s Bond – Light
        • 2 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
        • 3 – Adds 4% Healing Done
        • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
        • 5 – Healing an ally within 12 meters with a Direct Heal creates a 15 meter tether between you for 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds. You and allies touching the tether are healed every second, scaling off the higher of your Max Magicka or Stamina. If you or an ally is overhealed by the tether, they gain Minor Heroism for 1.5 seconds.
      • Nix-Hound’s Howl – Medium
        • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – Completing a Fully-Charged Heavy Attack, applies Major Cowardice to your target for 1 second per 1000 Weapon Damage you have, lowering their Weapon and Spell Damage by 430. You then gain Major Courage for the same duration, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 430. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds.
      • Telvanni Enforcer – Heavy
        • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 3 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
        • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
        • 5 - While Bracing, increase your Magicka Recovery by 369. While you are not Bracing, increase your Stamina Recovery by 369.
      • Roksa the Warped – Monster Mask
        • 1 – Adds 70 Stamina Recovery
        • 1 – Adds 70 Magicka Recovery
        • 1 – Adds 70 Health Recovery
        • 2 – Each second you are in combat, gain a stack of Darklight, up to 30 stacks max. Each stack of Darklight increases your Stamina Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Health Recovery by 8. Each second you are out of combat, lose a stack of Darklight.
    • Scrivener’s Hall
      • Runecarver’s Blaze – Light
        • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
        • 5 – Your damage over time effects deal additional Flame Damage every third damage tick. This damage scales off your Weapon or Spell Damage.
      • Apocryphal Inspiration – Medium
        • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 3 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – You and group members within 28 meters of you gain Major Fortitude, Major Intellect, and Major Endurance, increasing your Health Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Stamina Recovery by 30%.
      • Abyssal Brace – Heavy
        • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 4 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
        • 5 – Adds 1710 Maximum Health
        • 5 – While you are Bracing, you and group members within 12 meters of you gain Minor Evasion, reducing damage from area attacks by 10%.
      • Ozezan the Inferno – Monster Mask
        • 1 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
        • 2 – Overhealing yourself or an ally grants them 4272 Armor for 1.1 seconds. Healing yourself or an ally grants them Minor Vitality for 1.1 seconds, increasing their healing received by 8%.

    New Collectibles & Dyes
    • Emotes
      • “Sailor’s Sextant” can be obtained by completing the “Fate’s Secrets” achievement.
      • “Lost in the Woods” can be obtained by completing the “Scribes of Fate Scout” achievement.
    • Mementos
      • The “Iterative Onyx Glyphic” can be obtained by completing the “Scrivener’s Hall Conqueror” achievement.
      • The “Unstable Emerald Glyphic” can be obtained by completing the quest “Eye of Fate”.
    • Skin
      • “The Taskmaster’s Banner” can be obtained by completing the “Bal Sunnar Conqueror” achievement.
    • Dye
      • The Scrivener’s Ultramarine dye can be obtained by completing the “Scribes of Fate Delver” achievement.

    New Furnishings
    We’ve added new Bust and Trophy furnishings to commemorate victory in Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall. In addition, completing these dungeons on any difficulty unlocks purchase of two new achievement furnishings from Undaunted Quartermasters:
    • Dark Elf Archway, Stone
      • Originally designed for use in Mournhold to honor Almalexia, grand archways like this one stand in other locations as well. The one in Bal Sunnar purportedly served to remind the Telvanni Dark Elves of their reverence for Mother Morrowind.
    • Craglorn Podium, Filled
      • Though it currently holds a delicate scroll that the scholars of Scrivener's Hall studied, this wooden podium from Craglorn may serve you well for other forms of written knowledge.

    New Achievements and Titles
    This update introduces 49 new achievements and 6 new titles:
    • The title “Temporal Tempest” can be obtained by completing the eponymous achievement.
    • The title “Scourge of Sunnar” can be obtained by completing the “Telvanni Tormenter” achievement.
    • The title “Shadow Blessed” can be obtained by completing the “Bal Sunnar Champion” achievement.
    • The title “Curator’s Champion” can be obtained by completing the “Magnastylus in the Making” achievement.
    • The title “Weaver’s Bane” can be obtained by completing the “Inflammable” achievement.
    • The title “Scribe Savior” can be obtained by completing the “Scrivener’s Hall Champion” achievement.

    New PlayStation Trophies
    We’ve added two new PlayStation Trophies in this DLC.
    • “Scribes of Fate Scout” is a bronze trophy and requires earning the in-game achievement.
    • “Scribes of Fate Delver” is a gold trophy and requires earning the in-game achievement.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Update 37 Base Game

    Daily/Weekly Reset Timer Updates
    • Many daily timers have been aligned to the same time as the Daily Login Reward (3am UTC for European servers and 10am UTC for North American servers), including:
      • Activity Finder’s First of the Day participations and wins
      • Daily Enlightenment Experience gains
      • Daily Quests and Endeavors
      • Daily Writs and Hireling mails
        • Note: The Crafting Hireling Rank 3 passives, which used to send 12 hours after the last one, will now send mail daily with double the materials.
      • A variety of other miscellaneous items including Riding Skill Training, Fence, Launder Limits, and Remains-Silent
    • Several weekly timers have been aligned to reset on Tuesdays at the same time as the daily resets, including:
      • Trial, Solo and Battleground Leaderboards
      • Weekly Quests and Black Sacraments
      • Event Tickets

    New Rewards for the Worthy
    Several new Rewards for the Worthy are now available to acquire:
    • Snake in the Stars – Light
      • 2 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
      • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 5 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 5 – Applying a Major or Minor Debuff to an enemy applies Star Venom to them for 4 seconds. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds with a cooldown of 12 seconds. Whenever an enemy with Star Venom is healed, they take 1170 Oblivion Damage, up to once per 100ms. An enemy can only be effected by one instance of Star Venom at a time.
    • Shell Splitter – Medium
      • 2 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
      • 3 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
      • 4 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
      • 5 – When an enemy blocks one of your attacks, increase your Offensive Penetration by 631 for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 20 times. You can gain one stack every 0.5 seconds.
    • Judgement of Akatosh – Heavy
      • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 3 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
      • 4 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
      • 5 – Adds 2291 Armor
      • 5 – When you deal direct damage with a Blink, Charge, Leap, Teleport, or Pull ability, you distort time on your enemy. After 3 seconds, the enemy bursts with temporal energy, reducing the Movement Speed of all enemies within 12 meters by 70% for 6 seconds and stunning them for 3 seconds. This effect can be blocked and can occur once every 15 seconds.

    Alliance Emblem Face Markings
    New Alliance Emblem Face Markings can be acquired by completing the associated alliance PvP achievement.

    Updates to Target Markers
    • Enemy players and summons can once again be marked in PvP areas.
    • Enemy players and summons reappearing from stealth must be targeted again before their mark returns above their head.
    • Target markers placed on enemy players now clear upon their character’s death.
    • You can now toggle target markers off on the compass in Settings > Interface > Compass Target Markers
    • You can also now adjust the size of target markers in Settings > Nameplates > Target Markers

    New Furnishings
    • Faustina Curio now sells High Isle Mixed Furnisher’s Documents, which contain random furnishing plans from High Isle, similar to prior Mixed Furnisher’s Documents.
    • Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, has 7 new furnishing plans available for purchase:
      • Sketch: Resonance Crystal, Cerulean
      • Forumula: Druidic Throne, Y'ffre's Bloom
      • Blueprint: Druidic Oven, Stone
      • Pattern: Mage Tapestry, Aurbic Phoenix
      • Praxis: Stone, Lava-Etched
      • Diagram: Statue, Bronze Tentacle
      • Design: Druidic Bridge, Living
    • As usual, Rolis has also handed the prior set of furnishing plans over to his assistant, Faustina Curio. These can now be purchased at the reduced price of 100 writ vouchers:
      • Formula: Potted Trees, Stonelore Dogwood
      • Diagram: High Isle Beacon, Unlit
      • Pattern: High Isle Tapestry, Seaside Tourney
      • Praxis: High Isle Hearth, Tilework
      • Sketch: High Isle Hourglass, Gold
      • Design: Shark Jaw, Massive
      • Blueprint: High Isle Caravel, Miniature
    • Faustina has bundled up her previous set of furnishing plans into a new Deadlands Furnishing Folio, which can be purchased for 700 writ vouchers and contains the following plans:
      • Diagram: Deadlands Throne
      • Pattern: Deadlands Tapestry, Mehrunes Dagon
      • Blueprint: Alinor Easel, Carved
      • Praxis: Deadlands Puzzle Cube
      • Design: Blackwood Provisioning Station
      • Formula: Fargrave Water Globules, Static
      • Sketch: Fargrave Window, Grand Medallion

    Housing Quality-Of-Life Improvements
    We’ve made a number of improvements to polish and improve the overall housing experience. These include the following:
    • Added additional filters to the placement and retrieval tabs of the Housing Editor. You can now filter by:
      • Whether the placed item is coming from your Bank, Inventory, House Storage, or Collectibles
      • Whether the furnishing is bound or unbound
      • Which Furnishing Limit Type the furnishing falls under
    • While in combat with at least one training dummy, the Show Housing Panel keybind (default F5) now changes to Reset Training Dummies, which allows you to easily reset all training dummies you are in combat with.
    • The home’s current occupants are now listed in the Settings section of the Housing Editor. You can also kick occupants out of your home from this menu if they’ve overstayed their welcome.
    • The home’s occupants are notified when people enter or depart the home, via a message in the top right corner of the screen.
    • There is now an Interface option that allows you to hide the House Tracker when in a home, which is the UI element that tells you the name of the home and homeowner as well as the current population of the home.
    • While previewing a home, placing your target reticule over a furnishing will now outline the furnishing and display its name.
    • The Purchase Options dialog for a home now allows you to preview the full list of furnishings in the currently selected template (Furnished or Unfurnished.)

    Screen Narration
    We’ve added a new option in the Accessibility Settings panel for Screen Narration. Once you have enabled this setting, you can choose to have a male or female voice, set the speed of the narration, and the volume of the narrating voice. Note that you must have Accessibility Mode turned on in order to use this feature.
    • Most UI screens in ESO will be fully narrated and you should be able to move around between UI screens with screen narration support.
    • The narration supports all official languages and is computer generated in the language of the client. For example, if you are playing on the Spanish client, you will hear screen narration in Spanish.
    • While the UI navigation portions of most screens on the Accessibility menu are supported, there are some menu screens that will not be otherwise narrated at this time including Scrying, Excavating, Tales of Tribute, lockpicking, some elements of fishing and the Champion Point screen.
      • Additional menu screens will be integrated into narration over time.
      • The game’s startup and login flow are not currently narrated; you must log into the game first before narration will start.
      • Gameplay such as combat, in-world navigation, and interactable objects are not narrated. Response options when interacting with NPCs are also not narrated. To ensure screen narration does not conflict with voice acting, character dialogue is not included in screen narration.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    While this first update of the year has quite a few bug fixes and minor tweaks, our main focus was on some iterative work from Update 35 and some long-time coming reworks to abilities or traits that had been languishing in weird states of balance for a while. This update is more targeted with its adjustments, rather than widespread, following through with some remnant work we’ve hinted at in the past.

    The largest ‘widespread’ adjustment in this update is some iterative work on Update 35’s adjustments to Light Attacks. One of our main goals in Update 35 was to reduce the impact of Light Attack Weaving in terms of high-end damage production – where it was still a vital tool to incorporate – while simultaneously trying to shorten the delta between those who try and engage with it and those who are masters of it. Through the toils of that update we learned a lot, but had to make some compromises that hurt our overall goals where the end result was just a flat nerf to Light Attack weaving in general.

    In this update, we’re trying to keep the power of Light Attacks within a ~5% deviation at their highest production in an optimized build, while drastically increasing their performance for players who aren’t super optimized. We’re also implementing a new feature on all damaging Light Attacks, where their scaling calculations of how they derive their damage will be inflated compared to before, with a cap in how much they can reach with base stats such as Weapon or Spell Damage, and Magicka or Stamina. This base damage cap will be 3850 for melee attacks and 90% of that for ranged attacks, which is within 100-200 damage deviation from the base damage of some of the highest parses we are seeing in game. Note that this “base damage cap” is NOT a cap in terms of how much damage they can do in general; this number is purely how much the damage can reach with your stats, such as Weapon or Spell Damage. This base damage cap will then feed into the rest of the combat calculation system with things such as Critical Bonuses, Damage Bonuses, Mitigation and so on, so that 3850 can still return a MUCH higher value in actual combat situations!

    After going over the data that started to come in with U35 and U36, we’re confident that this functionality will help inject a little power to the players who struggle to perfectly weave by inflating their damage values a bit while not having too much of an impact on the high-end ceiling, so everyone’s DPS can either go up or stay around the same as it was from the previous updates!

    Outside of this adjustment, we have some usual balance tweaks for sets and abilities, but two in particular stand out: First, we’ve reworked the Harmony trait to no longer be burst oriented and more about what the trait’s name and gameplay tries to incentivize – sustain and group coordination. This trait will now simply grant a chunk of Health, Magicka, and Stamina any time you activate a synergy, similarly to the Undaunted Mettle bonus. Another larger rework is for the infamous Mist Form skill in the Vampire skill line, as a result of all of the back-and-forth issues and balance changes we’ve seen with the skill’s evolution through the game’s history. With this rework, we tried to go back to the drawing board about what the fantasy and identity of the skill was trying to evoke, which is meant to be the iconic feeling of blinking into mist and avoiding attacks, dashing around from foe to foe and taking them down or avoiding damage in the process. In this update, Mist Form is no longer a toggled effect or one that reduces your damage while active or causing you to become immune to crowd control. Instead, it focuses on quick and liberating movement, causing you to quickly travel to your targeted location as a gap closer while simultaneously avoiding incoming projectiles while you do so.

    Another area to note is some quality-of-life updates to abilities and functionalities for those who are the vanguard of combat, the lifeblood of success or failure – tanks! In this update we’ve made three changes that should hopefully help make those holding the line feel more empowered to do so. First, block will no longer temporarily drop while bar swapping and instead will stay active throughout, which should help reduce those moments in combat where you get clobbered by a Heavy Attack when trying to prepare yourself. The second is that taunt immunity or “over taunting” will now be harder to reach; it will take 5 applications of a taunt between two members in total before reaching, up from 3, which should give a bit more breathing room in multi-boss encounters.

    Last but not least is a new iteration of the “soft taunt” system that pull abilities such as Fiery Grip or Silver Leash had. Instead of soft taunting enemies for 5 seconds like they did in the past, they will now attempt to normally taunt any enemy that is not already taunted. It is our hope that this interaction helps keep these abilities available to use as a tank or any other role for support, where tanks can control enemies more easily at the start of an engagement, while other roles can still use the skill for grouping up foes if their tank has already corralled enemy attention before using the skill. This will also apply to any single target application pull interaction, including item sets. Before you ask though, Area of Effect pulls like Dark Convergence, Rush of Agony, or Void Bash will *not* be affected by these changes.

    Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, as we have a few smaller adjustments to some skills such as increasing the shield efficacy and scaling functions of Conjured Ward and its morphs for our Sorcerer lovers, some ability iterations on skills that grant Empower, and plenty of other number tweaks and bug fixes. Ah, and for you hybrid stat lovers out there, we have a small tweak to Physical and Spell Harm jewelry glyphs that many have been asking for.

    Below, you can find the full list of combat adjustments and fixes in this update.

    • Fixed an issue where the stun from successful sneak attacks could trigger off other triggered events, such as item sets.
    • Fixed an issue where you could Bash and Light Attack simultaneously while using a gamepad.
    • Fixed an issue where ground targeted spells were canceled with a Light Attack during their targeting phase while using a gamepad.
      • When attempting to Light or Heavy Attack on gamepad with a ground targeted reticle active, you will now confirm the ability activate instead, making these skills easier to use in a more fluid manner while weaving.
    • Fixed an issue where using block would not cancel sprint.
    • Updated the tooltips for following player passives to properly mention their scaling effects, arming you with vital combat information:
      • Burning Light
      • Blood Magic
      • Tri Focus
      • Spell Orb
        • This passive also now only deals Magic Damage, rather than Magic or Physical Damage. Note the damage will continue to dynamically scale with your highest stats.
    • Increased the scaling of all weapon Light Attacks by 50% and Werewolf Light Attacks by 20%, and introduced a stat scaling limit on these attacks so they stop benefitting from Weapon or Spell Damage and Magicka or Stamina after reaching 3850 damage for weapons and 4813 for Werewolf.
      • Note that this limit is unaffected by bonuses to damage such as Critical Strikes, Berserk, or Vulnerability.
      Developer Comment:
      To further explain what’s happening with these attacks, let’s create an example experience with everyone’s favorite subject – math. Let’s say you have a character that has 6,000 Weapon or Spell Damage, and 33,000 Magicka or Stamina. In Update 35 and 36, your Light Attacks would take 35% of your Weapon or Spell Damage and 3.33% (repeating) of your Magicka or Stamina on a melee Light Attack, and 90% of those values for a ranged version.

      In this example, before any bonuses or multipliers, their base damage would be 3200 damage. In Update 37, the change would be seen as reaching 3850, as the stat addition would be (6000 * .525) + (33300 * .05) = 4800 but the base damage stat cap would kick in. Keep in mind that this does not impact the damage of these values when you start evaluating modifiers or reductions that deal with percentages like mitigation, Critical Strikes, or raw damage increases.

      Before your minds are too muddied with numbers, let’s move onto the part that you probably care more about – why we’re doing this. In Update 35, our goal was to try and hit some of the damage ceiling with weaving without hurting the lower and middle experiences in the game, but we ultimately had to make compromises at the time that hit everyone across the board. After ruminating and losing way too much hair, we’ve now found a way to try and get us back on target of hitting our original goals, where we can actually increase the damage in some of the lower levels of play, without changing too much of the numbers on the high end again.

      The end result is that Light Attacks will now scale much more aggressively with your stats, inflating their damage for non-optimized builds, without changing their damage too much at their ceiling end (some of the super optimized raid environments may lose ~100-200 base damage on Light Attacks).
    • Fixed numerous issues where attacks were missing invisible targets when they should not have been. Affected attacks are listed below:
      • Burning and Poisoned status effects
      • Lady Malygda
      • Fiery Breath and morphs
      • Impaling Shards and morphs’ first tick
    • Bar swapping while you are actively bracing (holding Block) will no longer temporarily disable Block. This should significantly reduce the situations of dying while bar swapping. Tanks rejoice, your power will no longer know bounds!
    • Abilities and item sets that pull a singular target will now also attempt to taunt the target for 15 seconds if they are not already affected by a player taunt. This applies to the following sources:
      • Beckoning Armor
      • Fiery Grip and Unrelenting Grip
      • Silver Leash
      • Swarm Mother
      Developer Comment:
      In a previous update, we removed a feature referred to as “soft taunt” that was seen on a few of these sources, which at the time was actively causing complications with targets becoming taunt immune or tauntable. We’ve found a much better long-term solution after investigating this for a while, with a lot less weird hitches or interactions. Now when you use an ability against a target, it will check if the target is already taunted; if they are not, it will taunt them. If they are already taunted, it will continue to pull the target and all of the other listed effects, but the taunt from the pull will not apply. This should help give more power of control to those who need to taunt targets, while simultaneously allowing non-tanks to still utilize these abilities without getting clobbered in situations such as the Twins in Maw of Lorkhaj.
    • Made some adjustments to taunts sourced from player abilities, such as Puncture or Inner Rage, to improve their user experience when interacting with the taunt immunity mechanic.
      • Enemies will now only become taunt immune after they are taunted 5 times between two unique targets, up from 3 times, to reduce the likelihood of applying it unintentionally.
      • Fixed an issue where a single caster of taunt could apply 2 stacks of taunt on an enemy, rather than only 1.
      Developer Comment:
      We’re reducing the chances of running into the frustrating experiences of taunt immunity when there are multiple taunt users in a group, while also preparing for the fact that a few more abilities will now attempt to taunt enemies. We’re still keeping taunt immunity, though, to prevent situations where you can abuse monster AI as they often get confused and are sensitive to all of the mean things they hear shouted at them.
    • Fixed an issue where you could enter a state where you were unable to travel to Wayshrines in some very rare cases.
    • Fixed an issue where the cost of sneak was being charged twice per tick.
    • Fixed an issue where you could activate synergies more times than intended.

    Buffs and Debuffs
    • Added two new help entries under the Combat header to explain named buffs and debuffs in the Major and Minor system. Knowledge!

    • Ardent Flame
      • Earthen Heart
        • Helping Hands:
          • This passive now requires the ability cost of what triggered it to be greater than the restored amount of Stamina, to prevent situations where you could gain more Stamina than you had spent as Magicka.
          • Rank 1 of the ability now shares the same value as Rank 2, but has a cooldown of 2 seconds rather than once every cast.
          • Increased the restored amount of Stamina to 1120, up from 990.
          Developer Comment:
          There are currently a myriad of ways to use this passive in unintended ways, allowing for situations where you can essentially get infinite Stamina. Many have cleverly paired cost reduction with Ash Cloud when we changed the ability to cost per tick, and while we appreciated this clever interaction, it's ultimately invalidating the need of Stamina resource management for the class in the tank role. We're adjusting this passive to only work when you've spent more resources than it can generate, and we're slightly bumping up the Stamina restore so this doesn't create a situation of an overall nerf.
      • Fiery Grip
        • Empowering Chains Chains of Devastation: This morph now grants Major Berserk for 4 seconds after casting, rather than Empower, as Molten Armaments already grants it in a much more effect way. As such, this morph was renamed to better denote its effects. Such devastation was our intention.
      • Lava Whip
        • Molten Whip: Fixed an issue where this morph could fail to activate many conditional requirements that stated, “when casting an ability that costs Magicka or Stamina”. Note that conditional requirements that require only a Stamina ability specifically will still not fire, as this ability is predominantly Magicka oriented.
      • Shackle: Increased the damage of this synergy by 20% to ensure it stands up to other Ultimate synergies' power.

    • Grave Lord
      • Boneyard
        • Graverobber (morph): Reduced the damage of this synergy by approximately 34% to ensure it is of similar power to other synergies of its ilk, such as Conduit or Combustion.
      • Skeletal Mage
        • Skeletal Archer (morph): Fixed an issue where the damage boost from this morph would fail to apply if the damage was blocked.
    • Bone Tyrant
      • Death Gleaning: This passive now restores 333/666 Magicka and Stamina when a nearby enemy dies, up from 100/200.
        Developer Comment:
        For masters of death, Necromancers can often find themselves out of fuel even when there are corpses littering the battlefield. To try and remedy this without tipping the scales too far in areas where Necromancer is already doing well, we’re increasing these bonuses by a decent amount.

    • Daedric Summoning
      • Conjured Ward:
        • Increased the damage shield size of this ability and the Regenerative Ward morph by 10%.
        • Increased the Max Health cap of these abilities to 55%, up from 50%.
        • This ability and its morphs now dynamically scale between the higher of your Max Health or Magicka, rather than only Magicka.
          • Hardened Ward (morph): Increased the damage shield size of this morph by approximately 7% and increased the Max Health cap to 72%, up from 60%.
          • Empowered Ward Regenerative Ward: Renamed this morph to prevent confusion with the buff type.
        Developer Comment:
        Shields are a primary defense identity for the Sorcerer class, but since the balance adjustments to shields in years past, the class has struggled a little bit to keep up defensively in ways that helped reinforce this feeling. We're making a targeted adjustment to try and help their core class shield to make them stand out above others, while avoiding the concerns of shield stacking in years past. We're hoping this also helps the class's kill potential go up a little in PvP environments, where they don't have to spend as much time recasting shields and heals to avoid death, and they can spend an extra second or so spell slinging on the offensive. We're also hoping the dynamic scaling of Magicka or Health will help out those few Sorcerer tanks out there have a shinier tool in their kit.
      • Summon Unstable Familiar: Fixed an issue with this ability and its morphs if another Sorcerer's version of these abilities attacked a target, your own would rally to their cause and immediately become active in combat as well. However, we still encourage you to use them to aid one another in battle nonetheless!
    • Storm Calling
      • Conduit: Increased the damage of this synergy by 20% to ensure it stands up to other synergies' power when accounting for the fact that it also only does damage.
      • Mages’ Fury:
        • Increased the size of the Area of Effect portion of this ability and its morphs to 5 meters, up from 4.
        • Fixed an issue where the execute damage from these abilities were not properly labeled as an execute.
          • Mages’ Wrath (morph): This morph now deals its execute damage to all targets nearby, rather than dealing an initial hit and a smaller amount of damage to nearby targets. This will result in an approximate 129% damage increase of the Area of Effect, while also causing the ability to appear under the same ability ID for combat logs.
      • Overload: Fixed an issue where this Ultimate and its morphs would not remove themselves when Heavy Attacking with just enough Ultimate for 1 tick.

    • Aedric Spear
      • Radial Sweep
        • Empowering Sweep Everlasting Sweep:
          • Increased the duration of the pulsing Damage over Time to 10 seconds at base, up from 6 seconds.
          • This morph no longer grants Empower, as Solar Flare and its morphs already grant this buff. As such, the name has been adjusted to prevent confusion.
    • Dawn’s Wrath
      • Backlash: Fixed an issue where this ability and the Purifying Light morph were considered magical melee damage, rather than magical ranged damage. Note that Power of the Light was already considered martial ranged damage and has not changed.
      • Eclipse
        • Living Dark (morph):
          • Fixed an issue where this ability’s visuals could cause you to appear invisible in some cases.
          • Fixed an issue where this ability's visual effects would persist in place when the target that used the ability would stealth or become invisible.
    • Restoring Light
      • Purify: Fixed an issue where this synergy's healing was being truncated in some situations. This will result in a minor increase in the healing done.

    • Animal Companions
      • Dive
        • Cutting Dive (morph): This morph no longer requires the enemy to not be Off Balance for the Damage over Time to apply, and will now apply any time it deals damage.
    • Winter’s Embrace
      • Crystallized Shield:
        • This ability and the Shimmering Shield morph now grant 2 Ultimate when the shield takes damage, rather than restoring Magicka equal to 22% of the ability’s cost.
        • Increased the cost of this ability and its morphs to 4320, up from 3780.
        • Reduced the shield strength of this ability and the Shimmering Shield morph by approximately 33%.
          • Crystallized Slab (morph):
            • This morph no longer grants Magicka or the new Ultimate restore when the shield takes damage, in exchange for the damage done and stun. This morph does retain the original size of the damage shield.
            • Reduced the damage per hit of this morph by approximately 33%.
        Developer Comment:
        Currently, this ability and its morphs are enabling too much defensive power for the Warden against ranged opponents, while simultaneously allowing them to keep the ability up with next to no cost. In order to peel back some of the power in those regards, we’re increasing the cost and removing the self-sustaining portion, while also trying to give some love back with Ultimate generation. While doing this, we’re also trying to differentiate the morph power you pick from, where Slab is more about shaking off ranged builds and being more defensive, while Shimmering doubles down on the juicy Ultimate generation.

    • Destruction Staff
      • Ancient Knowledge: Fixed multiple issues where the Inferno and Lightning Staff components were applying to incorrect attack types.
      • Elemental Susceptibility:
        • This morph’s secondary effects are now tracked separately, rather than being linked to Major Breach. This will allow the status effects from the ability to continue while multiple applications are active, or when other sources of Major Breach apply and override this.
        • Reduced the tick frequency to 7.5 seconds, down from 6.
      • Wall of Elements:
        • All versions of this ability and its morphs will now display a hostile telegraph to enemies.
        • Wall of Frost and its morphs will now apply Minor Breach and reduce the movement speed of enemies by 40% for 4 seconds when damaging a Chilled target, rather than Immobilized them for 4 seconds.
        Developer Comment:
        In efforts to help reduce the amount of passive crowd control in the game, we’re shifting the power of Wall of Frost’s control to a snare, rather than an immobilize, while helping it gain some more use cases in PvE parts of the game.
    • Dual Wield
      • Flurry: Fixed an issue with this ability and its morphs where the damage and audio impacts appeared delayed and out of sync with its animation.
    • Two Handed
      • Cleave: Fixed an issue where the visuals and sound effects from this ability and its morphs could fail to play properly in some cases.
      • Critical Charge
        • Stampede (morph): Fixed an issue where the initial hit of this morph would only guarantee its Critical Strike against the first target hit, rather than all targets hit. Note that this guaranteed Critical still does not apply to the Damage over Time portion of the ability, which is by design.
      • Uppercut: Fixed an issue where this ability and the Wrecking Blow morph would lose targeting far easier than the Dizzying Swing morph.
        • Wrecking Blow (morph): This morph now also grants Major Berserk for 5 seconds. Now it’s really time to wreck it.

    • Vampire
      • Mist Form:
        • This ability and its morphs are no longer a toggled ability that reduce your damage taken from players or grant crowd control immunity while active. Instead, they now teleport you to the position of your cursor, up to a maximum of 15 meters away, and reduce your damage taken from the next 3 projectiles by 100% while teleporting. Casting any of these abilities will increase the cost of the ability by 33% for 4 seconds. The base cost is now 4050 per cast, which reduces to 3780 at rank IV of the base ability.
          • Elusive Mist (morph): This morph now grants Major Expedition and Major Evasion for 4 seconds after reappearing, rather than just Major Expedition.
          • Blood Mist (morph):
            • This morph now causes you to deal damage around you and heal for 45% of the damage caused once every 2 seconds over 20 seconds after activating the ability, rather than once every second while active.
            • Increased the damage per tick by approximately 9%.
        Developer Comment:
        This skill has been a wild ride for the past 8 years and while we tried to preserve the original skill as much as we could with the rework, we've run into far too many issues with how the skill was used and how it operated, and its current iteration doesn’t have enough use between all gameplay types. While it was a widely used skill and could be a lot of fun to play with, it was creating many unhealthy gameplay implications in both PvE and PvP and was being used in ways that didn't feel very Vampiric in nature. We've decided to go back to the drawing board to hit on what the original skill was trying to evoke in terms of feel and use. To try and retain the element of slipping into mist and evading attacks, we've shifted the skill into more of a movement-oriented ability, rather than a pure utility and defensive one, causing you to slip into mist temporarily to evade projectiles and make a hasty retreat or engage. The morphs still focus on the same options as well, where Elusive Mist doubles down on the slippery nature of the skill with bonuses and mitigation, while Blood Mist continues to reward those blood thirsty play styles with life steal. Also be wary of those pesky Fighters Guild attackers! They know how to get around all of these nasty new tricks.
    • Werewolf
      • Piercing Howl
        • Feeding Frenzy (morph): This synergy now grants Minor Force and Empower for 10 seconds, rather than only Empower for 5 seconds.
        • Howl of Despair (morph): This morph now allows the caster to self-synergize Feeding Frenzy.

    • Fighters Guild
      • Trap Beast: This ability and its morphs will now only trigger ability timers after they’ve hit a target, rather than after placing and after hitting a target.
    • Psijic Order
      • Concentrated Barrier: Fixed an issue where the shield from this passive could be half of its listed value in some cases.

    Alliance War
    • Support
      • Guard: Fixed an issue where this ability and morphs’ transferred damage was able to trigger other conditional requirements.

    • You will now gain rapport with Ember at the end of a Tribute match regardless of winning or losing.

    • Many distance-based item sets – such as Zaan or Scourge Harvester – will now properly interact with dragons, being able to apply to them when other abilities are meeting their ranged requirements and no longer instantly breaking if they activated. This applies to the following sets:
      • Alessia’s Bulwark
      • Auroran’s Thunder
      • Bani’s Torment
      • Beckoning Armor
      • Deadlands’ Assassin
      • Death’s Wind
      • Force Overflow
      • Kyne’s Kiss
      • Glacial Guardian
      • Grothdarr
      • Lady Malygda
      • Night Terror
      • Noble Duelist Silks
      • Point-Blank Snipe
      • Riposte
      • Savage Werewolf
      • Scourge Harvester
      • Selene
      • Spiked Armor
      • Stone Husk
      • Swarm Mother
      • Twin Sisters
      • Wrath of Elements
      • Zaan

    • Glyph of Physical Harm and Glyph of Spell Harm: These enchantments now grant Weapon and Spell Damage, rather than only Weapon or Spell Damage. Physical Harm glyphs now add 10 Stamina Recovery at all qualities, while Spell Harm glyphs now add 10 Magicka Recovery at all qualities.
      Developer Comment:
      In aims to continue our work on hybridization, we’re merging these enchantments to grant hybrid stats. However, we still want to retain some semblance of differentiation with these glyphs so we don’t need to remove them from existence (this would actually cause a lot more problems than it seems), so we’re adding some very small bonuses to each. This bonus will be small enough that you shouldn’t feel the need to take one over the other, but if you’re really trying to optimize you can play around with either to get that extra bit of power.

    Item Traits
    • Bloodthirsty: This trait now grants up to 210-350 Weapon and Spell Damage against enemies under 90% Health, up from 70-350. This will cause the trait to reach the same final results as before, but with less of a power gap between the lowest and highest qualities.
    • Harmony:
      • This trait now grants you up to 880 Health, Magicka, and Stamina when you activate a synergy per trait, rather than increasing the healing, damage, and shielding potency of synergies by 20% per trait.
      • Fixed an issue where Harmony did not interact with Companion synergies.
      Developer Comment:
      This trait is currently far too niche for its intended use and is meant to be an enhancer to the Undaunted skill line and group play, but ironically is being utilized more by solo builds in PvP to instantly obliterate large groups. We’re shifting this trait over to be more recovery focused, which has much more use potential between PvE and PvP, rather than trying to continue making a value that doesn’t add more insta-gibbing potential but still has impact enough in PvE.

    Dungeon & Arena Sets
    • Crimson Oath’s Rive: After cracking the code, this set now only fires when you meet its conditions while in combat, in order to prevent it from firing before you’ve actively engaged with enemies and helping prevent those pesky pre-pulls.
    • Ironblood: Fixed an issue with this set’s visual effects not being visible to enemies in some cases.

    Monster Masks
    • Archdruid Devyric: Updated the area effect hit box of this set to be a 7m x 5m rectangle, rather than a cone. This should fix numerous issues where the set could miss the target it was spawned on.
    • Lady Malygda:
      • Fixed an issue where this set’s damage was considered single target, rather than area effect.
      • Fixed an issue where this set would miss invisible targets.
      • Did not fix how easy it is to butcher the pronunciation of the set.
    • Valkyn Skoria: Fixed an issue where this set's damage could become desynced from its visual effects and appear to fail in many cases.

    Mythic Items
    • Faun’s Lark Cladding: Fixed an issue where some of this set’s effects could become stuck on your character.
    • Pearls of Ehlnofey: This set now grants 3 Ultimate when you attempt to cast an ability that consumes resources while under 50% of your dominant resource, rather than 5 Ultimate while under 30% of that resource. This was done to make the set more widely available to use, while peeling back some of the raw power of the set.

    Overland Sets
    • Night Terror: Fixed an issue where the tooltip bonus for this item set was listed as up to 27% sneak radius reduction, rather than the actual up to 10%.
    • Seventh Legion Brute: Fixed an issue where this set was not activating off the Minor Resolve granted from Resolving Vigor.
    • Stygian: Fixed an issue where this set could activate out of combat in some cases.
    • Vesture of Darloc Brae: Fixed an issue where this set’s 4-piece bonus scaled with Night Terror’s quality instead of its own quality.

    PvP Sets
    • Mara's Balm: Reduced the healing of this set to 1106, down from 1675, to peel back some of its passive healing potential.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • The Ghostwriter of Giovesse: The alternate bestowal note for this quest is no longer visibility-gated, so you can reference it any time at its original locations.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Born of Grief: Fixed issue where Rynkyus did not animate the shield ability correctly during the Storm Incarnate battle.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Daring Corsair Shield Master Writs now guide you to the Daring Corsair Woodworking station rather than the Clothing station.

    • The Dark Aeon: Fixed an issue where you were unable to target Joorahmaar after a flight phase.
    • Uneasy Alliances: Fixed an issue where Nahfahlaar could disappear mid-conversation in certain situations.  
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where some Dragons were not properly using their strafe run ability.

    • Cadwell the Betrayer: Fixed an issue where the eponymous Cadwell the Betrayer could turn invisible during the fight.
    • Room to Spare: Fixed an issue where the “Seeking Tenant” flier disappeared before you had the chance to read it upon interaction.
    • The Hungry Cat's Favor: Fixed an issue where the altar interactions required you to smush up against them when you began interaction.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • A few produce crate containers now give the correct amount of produce.

    • A set of 27 new furnishing plans can be found in Galen Reward Coffers earned by completing Delve and World Boss daily quests in Galen.
      • These plans include a variety of walls, platforms, and hearths, as well as a working door, several Druid monoliths, and a variety of twisted Firesong sculptures.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed a lingering issue where some Antiquity Lead drop rates were lower than expected. This will affect the following Antiquity Leads:
      • Collectibles
        • Ebon Dwarven Wolf mount
          • Aligned Dwarven Plates
          • Worn Dwarven Gears
        • Dwarven Scarab pet
          • Dwarven Internal Machinery
          • Dwarven Scarab Head
          • Dwarven Segmented Legs
          • Faceted Dwarven Wings
          • Golden Dwarven Thorax
          • Sloped Dwarven Stalks
          • Thin Dwarven Hinges
        • Barkroot Blessing skin
          • Phoenix Moth Pigment
      • Mythics
        • Stainless Imperial Band for Belharza’s Band
        • Dov-Rha Sabaton Poleyn for Dov-Rha Sabatons
        • Silverweave Cord for Harpooner’s Wading Kilt
        • Malacath’s Brutal Scourge Hoop for Malacath’s Band of Brutality
        • Ruinblood Coil for Markyn Ring of Majesty
        • Bloodshot Oculus and Sclerotic Tentacle for Mora’s Whispers
        • Sacred Resin for Oakensoul Ring
        • Order-Etched Gallery Rail for Ring of the Pale Order
        • Auri-El Metal Carvings for Snow Treaders
        • Clannfear Leather Strapping and Void Alloy Rivets for Spaulder of Ruin
      • Furnishings
        • Anvil of Old Orsinium
        • Brazier of Frozen Flame
        • Carved Whale Totem
        • Dwemer Star Chart
        • Font of Auri-El
        • Golden Idol of Morihaus
        • Prismatic Sunbird Feather
        • Rune-Carved Mammoth Skull
        • Warcaller’s Painted Drum
      Developer Comment:
      Over the past several updates, there have been a number of issues of extremely rare or non-existent drops for some leads. In reviewing these issues, we discovered an error in the global drop tables that resulted in rarer than intended drop rates for many leads. These changes should get the drop rates back to the intended rates.
    • The "Scrying for Antiquities" tutorial pop-up no longer appears every time you change zones if you peace out while on the step to learn how to do so.

    • Fixed an issue where the dirt mound for the Greymoor Caverns Treasure Map I treasure was spawning under a different mound of dirt. It makes sense in context.
    • Fixed an issue where an Herbalist’s Satchel in Blackreach could be interacted with but would reward nothing.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Water now completely fills the slip in one of the Gonfalon Bay boathouses, instead of being cut short unexpectedly.

    • Fixed some issues where High Isle books could continue to glow after being read.

    • NPCs "Trivura Dalen" and "Tariran" no longer have evil twins in their vicinity.

    • Fixed issue where the area name was not consistent across Ghost Haven Bay Cavern in Amenos.
    • Some deer in High Isle will no longer animate strangely when panicking.

    • Escape from Amenos: Fixed an issue where Emeric wouldn’t respawn if he somehow got stuck.
    • Green with Envy:
      • The door to the tomb now properly fades to black on use.
      • Fixed an issue where Izbadd's Letter was not interactable if you attempted to read its post-quest version.  
    • Race for Honor: Grouped players will no longer share the tablets with one another without actually picking them up.
    • Spire of the Crimson Coin: Fixed an issue where Dame Madach would give you an incorrect greeting.
    • The Missing Prowler
      • Fixed an issue where, if you didn't follow a very specific path to the cove overlook, the quest would not advance.
      • You now receive the whistle to signal Oblan after speaking to Jimila, rather than randomly pooping out a whistle from nowhere a couple steps later.
      • The door Oblan enters now has a proper unusable door prompt.
    • Tower Full of Trouble: Fixed an issue if you ran around the western side of the hill before ascending to the Ritual Circle, the quest would not advance.

    • Tales of Tribute NPCs are now even smarter when playing against them.
    • Tales of Tribute First Win of the Day now grants an experience bonus.
    • Added a Tribute quest starter to the Crown Store.
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if a connection to the server was lost during a Tribute match.
    • Fixed an issue with a Hidden Master's special patron using an older version.
    • Fixed an issue where /reloadui would cause issues if used during a Tribute match.
    • Tribute players returned to the queue when their opponent declines a match will now be placed at the top of the queue.
    • Fixed an issue where declining a Tribute duel while in a menu could not actually decline it and show the incorrect prompt.
    • Druid Braigh’s self-describing text now aligns with his vocal lines.

    • When using the Refresh ability, cards will now be placed on top of your play deck in the order selected, so the last selected card will be on top.
    • Adjusted the item quality of the Tribute Premier Club Coin and Tribute Cardsharp Club coin from Epic to Legendary.
    • Fixed an issue where NPC opponents would sometimes not use the Duke of Crows optimally.
    • Fixed an issue during NPC matches that prevented the Druid King Chimera from counting as a combo if the Druid King patron was chosen by the NPC.
    • Fixed an issue where Wispcaller Totem and Wispheart Totem cards did not count towards combos.

    • The Warrior Wave card now displays the gold choice on left and power choice on right, to match the choice pattern of resources on other cards.
    • Updated the text of several patron power for language consistency and clarity. Their functionality remains unchanged.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Earthen Root Enclave
      • Druid Laurel will now always summon the correct number of Stone Walls during the encounter with the Corruption of Stone.
    • Graven Deep
      • You can now always use Dhulef’s diving portal when intended.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Kingdom of Ash: Fixed an issue where Rada could remain present and targetable for around 90 seconds after his actual defeat.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Moongrave Fane
      • Risen Ruins will no longer use the Rockslide ability.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Voltaic Current no longer functions differently for players with a second weapon bar unlocked, and are in Werewolf form or have the Oakensoul item equipped.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Frostvault
      • Icestalker
        • Frenzied Pummeling will now correctly knock the target back and stun them.
        • Boulder Toss will no longer knockback and stun targets hit.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where some visual effects could incorrectly play on hidden followers.
    • Clouds will no longer reset in the character creation menu when making changes to the character.
    • Fixed an issue where some arrows were not loading their visuals properly when changing outfits.
    • Fixed a seam on the Khajiit version of the Short Mussed Wave hairstyle.
    • Fixed the distorted appearance of hair behind the ear on male humans when wearing the Short Mussed Wave hairstyle.

    • The crafted version of Gilane Garlicky Greens now has the correct icon.

    • Fixed an issue where previewing a mount then previewing an emote would block the emote from playing correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where Crown Crates and cards could be positioned incorrectly after equipping certain collectibles while revealing cards.

    Customized Actions
    • Fixed an issue involving Customized Actions where the cost for repeated recalls was not scaling properly when Recall of the Galen Wilds was enabled.
    • Fixed an issue where the visual effects from Recall of the Galen Wilds were blue in first person view instead of green.
    • Fixed an issue where the equip status of Customized Action collectibles could become desynced.

    • Fixed an issue where sometimes completing an Alchemy Master Writ would not advance the Endeavor.
    • Fixed an issue where the group event in the Spire of the Crimson Coin did not advance Endeavors that ask you to defeat said events.

    • Reading the following Lorebooks will now properly grant Restoration Staff Skill progress rather than Destruction Staff:
      • Notes on Racial Phylogeny
      • Journal of Thracius Mento
      • Cantillon's Correspondence
      • Precepts of Stendarr
      • Almalexia and the Mudcrab
    • Note: The above will only apply to characters reading these books for the first time. Characters who have already read these books will not see any changes to their Skill progress for either Restoration or Destruction Staff.

    Dragonstar Arena
    • Boethiah’s Blessings mailer for the Dragonstar Arena leaderboard can now contain Destruction Mastery Staves, Shields for all three Dragonstar Arena sets (Footman, Healer and Archer’s Mind) and as well as all weapons for Archer’s Mind.

    • Updated the error text for when you are unable to travel to a house you own to be clearer.
    • A guild’s Message of the Day will no longer appear empty when it contains a whole bunch of housing links.
    • Fixed an issue where resuming a game that was suspended while browsing furniture would result in broken controls.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the “Sea Elf Galleon Helm” furnishing to not play its sound effects.
    • Updated the name of “Tree, Large Galen Pine” to remove an extra space.
    • Corrected the recipe name for the “Firesong Bookcase, Tall Lava” furnishing to match the name of the end result.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Elsweyr Window, Ritual" furnishing where the light was backwards. Also adjusted the selection point to be at its base rather than its center.
    • Added the Light furnishing behavior tag to the "Plant, Hist Bulb" furnishing since it glows!
    • Updated the names for “Druidic Statue, Right Hand” and the “Druidic Statue, Left Hand” to accurately match their in-game hand models.
    • Removed some extraneous "Level 1" text on certain furnishing materials, as the level didn’t really mean anything.
    • Adjusted the “Dwarven Pipeline Cap, Sealed” furnishing so that it aligns flush against surfaces.
    • Improved the placement of the selection point for “High Isle Wall, Thin Castle”, “High Isle Pillar, Ornate”, “High Isle Platform, Wooden Rectangle” and “High Isle Platform, Wooden Square” furnishings.
    • Sealed a small gap in the bottom of the “Redguard Cask, Sealed” furnishing.
    • Added previously missing collision to the bottom of the “Orsinium Statue Base” furnishing.
    • Moved the following furnishings to the Workshop -> Tools housing editor category.
      • Nord Basket Trap, Fish
      • Druidic Cage, Ivy Wood
    • Fixed an issue that caused Cadwell and Honor to always face South when summoned via Cadwell’s Astounding Portal. We’re not sure what they saw beyond that horizon, but whatever it was, they’ve shaken it off and are back to facing forward.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the “Druidic Pillow, Woven” furnishing to appear strangely metallic.
    • The following interactable furnishings now correctly have the interactable item tag:
      • Dres Censer, Chains
      • Druidic Incense Burner, Clay
      • High Isle Censer, Metal
      • Hollowjack Lantern, Soaring Dragon
      • Hollowjack Lantern, Toothy Grin
      • Primal Brazier, Rock Slab
    • Sealed a number of small gaps in the “Orcish Statue, Strength” furnishing.

    • Fixed an issue in Amaya Lake Lodge that caused some flickering on the wall adjacent to the door to the courtyard on the inside of the storehouse.
    • Fixed an issue in Grand Topal Hideaway where the water under at the base of the main waterfall appeared to have a square of water cut out from it.
    • Fixed an issue where Doomchar Plateau would incorrectly claim to be available for purchase in the collections menu. This home now only appears in your collections menu once acquired.

    • All pathways for reporting a player will now also auto-ignore that player. If you already have a full Ignore list, the report will still be submitted but the reported player will not be added to the full list.
      • Note: The only exception to this is when reporting a player from a guild finder application; the player will be blacklisted but they will not be added to your ignore list.
    • Fixed a rare crash related to weather effects.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could prevent access to some previously earned titles.
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the camera switches to first or third person views.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause grouped players to crash when groupmates received major or minor buffs.

    • Fixed numerous issues with bad postures on NPCs during dialogue.
    • Fixed a number of issues with NPCs lacking health bars and nameplates.
    • Increased the amount of time it takes for a guard to automatically attack you after attempting an arrest to 20 seconds, up from 15 seconds, to account for screen reader speeds and reaction time.

    • Fixed numerous issues with clipping, sunken, floating, or bizarrely positioned NPCs, resource nodes, books, critters, or monsters throughout various zones.
    • Fixed numerous typos and VO/text mismatches throughout the game.
    • Fixed an issue where a certain “dark fire barrier” visual effect had disappeared from the game.
    • Fixed a number of issues where your character could get stuck on geometry in various places.
    • Fixed a number of issues recently introduced where talk-to NPCs in various quests lost their overhead pins.

    Alik’r Desert
    • A certain dog near Aswala's Remembrance can now be pet, per request. Whoosa good boy?!
    • Fixed issue where the area name was not consistent across Motalion Necropolis in Alik'r Desert.
    • Morwha’s Curse: Fixed an issue where the quest bestower might appear twice in the same general area.
    • The Scholar of Bergama: Fixed an issue where the compass pin could lead you to the wrong spot while on this quest.

    • The Citadel Must Fall: Fixed a number of issues in and around the Reaver’s Citadel that was directing you to the wrong locations.

    • Taleon’s Crag: The Egg Eater Delve boss will now grant kill credit throughout its entire fight arena.
    • Vision Quest: Fixed an issue where logging out at certain points while in the jail cell could block your progression.

    • Fixed several issues with zone buffs that could be brought out of the zone and into group content.

    Fighters Guild
    • The Davon's Watch Fighters Guild's Hall Steward, Hilan, now appears properly in all cases.
    • The Dangerous Past: Fixed an issue where the compass and map pins were in the wrong place on the step to search Mzeneldt.

    • Bad Man’s Hallows:
      • Fixed an issue where the entrance portal lacked the icon signifying it as a public dungeon when moused over.
      • Fixed an issue where the Point of Interest pin was slightly off the actual entrance to Bad Man’s Hallows.
    • Turning of the Trees: Bernard Redain and Wyress Helene will no longer meander about at their respective locations.

    • Lady Solace: You will now gain kill credit even if you pull the boss out of her fight arena.

    • Heart of Rootwater: You will now get kill credit even if you pull the boss out of the fight arena.

    Main Quest
    • Castle of the Worm: Fixed an issue where your compass would go crazy at the top of the stairs in the Tower of Bones.

    • Fixed an issue where two door pins might show up on any quest leading out of the Shornhelm Mages Guild.
    • Dream-Walk into Darkness: You will no longer see a defunct debuff icon when affected by the Ayleid Shard's "Devour Health" effect.

    • Crow’s Wood
      • Fixed an issue where the entrance portal lacked the icon signifying it as a public dungeon when moused over.
      • Fixed an issue where the Point of Interest pin was slightly off the actual entrance to Crow’s Wood.

    Thieves Guild
    • Partners in Crime: Fixed an issue where Quen would despawn after exiting the cell when you get captured.

    • The Gates of Adamant
      • Fixed an issue where you could go back the way you came while in the middle of the combat training segment, causing your progress to get blocked.
      • Upon turning in the quest, you will now receive a reminder that the Help menus exist to reference all tutorials so far.
    • Tutorial popups for Soul Gems gained, Mounts earned, and Crafting materials gained for the first time now link to associated Help entries, should you want more information (even in cases where it is the same information, just repeated for reference).
    • The lockpicking tutorial now contains more appropriate information regarding exactly how to pick said locks. There is also now a listing in the game's help entries that duplicates this information.

    • Fixed an issue where some fixtures would block you from interacting with targeted NPCs.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur at character select in the Mac or Chinese game clients.
    • Fixed an issue where the confirmation for declining a ready check would display when dismissing the notice that a group leader queued for Cyrodiil.
    • Fixed an issue in the Keyboard UI where a large amount of whitespace could appear in the dialog window when completing a quest that doesn't show any rewards.
    • Fixed an issue where some tooltips, like the Armor Station tooltip, would not always display.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur when double-clicking in the PEGI country selection.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur after changing regions, such as using a Wayshrine or jumping into a dungeon.
    • Fixed some word wrapping on the bottom right of the Battleground scoreboard screen.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not delete items from the Bank screen.
    • Fixed a UI error in the Zone Guide that was caused by jumping to an entry not currently visible on screen.
    • Fixed a UI error that would appear in the bank UI while choosing an amount of currency to deposit or withdraw.

    • Fixed a series of errors that could occur if you got into a state where you had multiple chat windows.
    • Added an option from the chat options that resets all chat changes, removing all extra tabs and containers and putting chat back to its default position.

    Crown Store
    • The error message in the Crown Store when attempting to purchase above the max cap of an item (such as bag upgrades) now appears more consistently.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur in the Crown Store UI when starting a preview and quickly changing categories.

    • Added a confirmation dialog when using an attribute respec scroll and when committing attribute points.
    • Fixed an issue where the ability bar was not displaying the correct slotted skills if the bar changed while zoning, such as when transforming into a Werewolf.

    Help & Tutorials
    • The Enchanting tutorial now shows the correct keybindings when using a keyboard in Gamepad mode.
    • The Lockpicking tutorial now contains more appropriate information regarding exactly how to pick said locks. There is also now a listing in the game's help entries that duplicates this information.
    • Updated the Help Menu entry for Loading Quickslots.
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