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Coming back to ESO...need some advice

Thinking about coming back to ESO. It's been since 2017. So, I'm at a loss to start with when it comes to the dlc content of the game. I checked my account and I have several dlc's that are greyed out and some that need a few crowns to purchase. As one can tell I don't have any of the major updates from the past few years. So, I think there are two major updates that probably needs purchasing. 1. High Isle and 2. Necrom (june 2023). If I get High Isle, what 'extra' dlc do I get without repurchasing in the crown store? As you can tell, it's been a while.
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  • PeacefulAnarchy
    the major chapters are morrowind, summerset, elsewyr, western skyrim, blackwood, high isle and now necrom

    If you buy the high isle upgrade you get only high isle, if you buy the collection you get all the above except necrom. If you buy necrom collection you get all of these.
  • Castagere
    Too bad, they don't do it like EQ2. You buy the latest and get all the ones before it.
  • Tornaad
    Also if you buy the high isle collection and then the necrom upgrade it will get you all the chapters.
  • tomofhyrule
    Remember that High Isle will also be converting to standard DLC once Necrom releases.

    All DLCs are included in the ESO+ sub, so if you just get the Necrom chapter and ESO+, you'll have access to High Isle in June.
  • Pyrius_Omega
    I was thinking of getting back in with ESO+ and doing Necrom (prepay). Seems to be the most logical choice.
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