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Nightblade - The assassin

Hey folks.
All NB skills are based on magika?! Really?
So, if I want a true melee dps assassin i need to use light armor to get magika bonus?
And I will need to spend point with magika to get more damage and power but i also need stamina for avoidance?
I cannot use weapons skills like dual or bow just because they are based on stamina
=/ this is not nice
  • Honn
    Its a choice.
    You choose what you will use most & apply your points as necessary.

    As an NB, you should be using your weapon attacks more, while your skills based attacks supplement them. But if you choose to press keys to fire of spell based skills, then thats the choice you make, and you will have to place your points in an attribute that compliments that style of play.

    As a true physical melee damage dealer, you should not need to use the magic based skills as much. Complaining about magicka costs and being pure melee is a bit of a contradiction. So as a pure melee dps, place your points into stamina to enhance your physical attacks, while the magicka will support your playstyle as needed. If its not enough magicka for your playstyle, then put some points into magicka.

    The whole idea is choice & consequence.
    Don't forget you can enchant gear to improve attributes...this will provide a little more choice for you.
  • gimmethecreepsb14_ESO
    Go 5 pieces medium armor and 2 pieces light armor. I do the same setup on my assassin sorcerer. You need to realize ALL the class skills rely heavily on magicka, not just night blade. Night blade does not just mean assassin. In beta I made a night blade tank, went 5 piece heavy, 2 piece light sword and board, used the life tapping powers for survivability and basically made my night blade an old school everquest 1 shadow knight. Don't get hung up on the "class" all it is honestly is a set of powers available.
  • Zerl
    As said above, ALL class skills consume magika...

    This is hardly a bad thing, as it allows for a good mix of class & weapon skills that utilise BOTH pools of "energy". Personally, I'm going for a 3/2 split (3 assassination skills with 2 DW skills) on my primary loadout with the same split (between siphoning and bow) on my secondary.
  • gimmethecreepsb14_ESO
    Instead of just burning through 1 resource, you get 2 to burn through. This is obviously useful considering other abilties you will undoubtedly be using like Sprint, Dodge Roll, Blocking, and even Sneaking, all consume stamina. So if all of your powers consumed nothing but stamina, you'd be a sitting duck in combat, ESPECIALLY in pvp. Remember, this isn't WoW. You will be expected to dodge and evade on your own, similar to Guild Wars 2.
  • Vonatar
    Soul Shriven
    As others have said, this is the same in almost all class builds. You need to choose how you will play and then your armour and enchants appropriately. My NB usually rolls with 2 weapon skills and 3 abilities. I use the weapon skills a lot (and the standard attacks as well) and the abilities for specific moments (shadowy disguise/surprise attack for an opening stun, impale for a finisher). It seems to balance stamina/magicka consumption quite well.
  • Izzo
    Ya i use my abilites to open strong and finish even stronger. Ambush is a gap closer and makes your next ability hit harder. do that, throw some bleeds on and the use your normal attacks maybe with a stamina move in there somewhere. depending on the enemy, your magica should be back to a decent level by the time an enemy is under 30-25%. at that point, we NBs really shine (or can should you choose).
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