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Antiquity entry and achievement furnisher

So I wanted to get another music box that I dug up through antiquities but the achievement furnisher is stating it needs to be in my entry before I can buy another one, which doesn't make sense if I have the item already. I thought this might be an error so I went to purchase another item and it too says that it has to be in my entry. So then I thought maybe it was only for the character that digs it up and completes the entry (which would be awful if that were true) so I swapped characters...no luck!

What is going on?
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  • TaSheen
    Some of the items must be scryed and dug three times to complete the codex entry; once completed three times, they become available to purchase at the furnisher. I don't know which ones because I'm just not really doing that right now, too much else to do....
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  • Grizzbeorn
    You need to complete the codex for an antiquity (by finding the lead, scrying, and excavating it, three times) in order to unlock it at the Achievement Furnisher vendor.
    I believe it is account-wide; that any of your characters can purchase the item at the vendor once the codex for that item is completed.
    It only applies to the furnishing antiquities. (Mythics and motif pages, and anything else that isn't a furnishing, wouldn't be available at the vendor after completing their codices.)

    AND, once the codex is complete for a particular furnishing antiquity, it can only be found at the Achievement Furnishing vendor in the zone where that antiquity was found.
    For example, you wouldn't be able to purchase the Vampiric Stained Glass furnishing (which is found in the Reach) from the Achievement Furnishing vendor in Marbruk, Greenshade.

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    • Necrotech_Master
      they seriously need to consolidate all of the antiquity furnishings at 1 vendor lol, they could station them near the antiquity HQ in skyrim, but its very frustrating trying to find the correct achievement furnisher

      if you need to figure out how many codex entries your missing (and on PC), the display leads addon is absolutely fantastic at keeping track of antiquity status
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