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Changing race let you loose ap gained in Cyro campaign?

Soul Shriven
Guys I was planning to change race to by bosmer and became a orsimer, but I have a big doubt: if I do this all alliance points gained in Cyrodiil campaign as an AD will be lost? If I change race I would start to play Cyro campaign with another faction, but what will happen to the points gained with my previous faction? Are lost or the new alliance points are going to be added to those gathered before the race change? I am speaking about Cyro campaign alliance points not generic alliance points.
Thank you very much for your answers
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  • Cazador
    You should be fine, just changing your race doesn't effect alliance points.
  • kargen27
    Only concern I see would be if you are in a faction locked campaign you would need to wait for the current campaign to end before joining as a new faction?
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  • Araneae6537
    I don’t believe changing your race changes your faction (there is a separate token for that) and in order to change from Bosmer to Orsimer, you would need to unlock “any race, any alliance” from the Crown store first.
  • virtus753
    Yes, that’s correct - changing race doesn’t change your faction.

    Changing your faction doesn’t result in lost rank either. I have friends who switched from EP to AD and retained their 3/4/5 stars.

    Changing faction in the middle of the campaign might be different, though, in terms of leaderboard progress. Per reports on the forums, yes, you do lose your leaderboard progress for changing faction mid-campaign.
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