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How to use "creepy housing object"...


Not so serious discussion. Half of joke.

One day, I found tons of gold in my bank and useless creepy object which I found on the field.
(And, tons of undaunted key and transmute gem also. It's a only benefit of the tank main player.)
Why ZOS made much of creepy housing object like the "corpse" or "cursed totem" so much? (LoL)

Well, I've kept thinking how to use those strange object and purpose of spending big gold.
So, I decided to buy classic second house "Gorinir Estate".

Recently, I'm building my new Argonian necro girl. So, I made private cottage for her.
Bought lots of plants for making rainforest, and time to use those creepy junk which was filling up my bank space.

When I saw my Argonian necro girl standing in front of that house, I felt like just to put the lizard pet in the "Paludarium".
Very strange experience though, she looks like happy. At least for the necromancer...

By the way, I think tank role is necromancer itself. Why?
Because, we keep reviving much of fallen DPS team mate in the dungeon.

Next time, I'll want to revive them by the necromancer's ultimate skill.

My playing time Mon-Friday UTC13:00-16:00 [PC-NA] CP over2000 now.
I have [1Tough tank] [1StamSorc-DD] [1Necro-DD] [1Real Healer]
But, I'm Tank main player. Recently I'm doing Healer.

By the way...Dungeon-Meshi(One of Famous Japanese fantasy story comic book) got finale...
Good-bye "King of Monster Eater".
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