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PS5 Edge/Xbox elite controller

For starters, I know, you don't have to say it. Pc master race, get a mouse etcetc.
But for those of you who have the controllers with the back buttons: how have you adapted them for play in eso?

Usually, on a standard controller, I customize my buttons. I swap R3 [crouch] with left on the dpad [barswap]. Someone years ago taught me that, to enable barswapping in movement.

On this new controller I added the potion on the left back trigger. [Up on the dpad]. I'm not fully sure what to do with the right back trigger yet.

I would love to hear if anyone has played with these controllers or even a Scuff.
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  • Soriana
    For the back of my elite controller I added:
    Upper Left paddle - E to interact with things on the go, especially looting
    Lower Left paddle - potions

    Upper Right Paddle - used to mount up
    Lower Right Paddle - sprint
  • Meiox
    Upper Left paddle - X
    Lower Left paddle - Weapon Swap/potion use for 1 bar builds

    Upper Right Paddle - B
    Lower Right Paddle - Y

    that way I can control both analog sticks during fights, except for potion use
  • ghost_bg_ESO
    elite 2:
    currently as simple as possible: left - LB / bar swap, right - RB / run

    for some time tried LB/bar swap + RB/LA, but habit kicks and either forget or bar swap for block :smile:

    using one button as Shift and 2 configurations for other buttons is not bad, but wasn't working well for me with my android.

    (grammar :smile: )
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  • Oreyn_Bearclaw
    I wont give the lecture as why a good MMO mouse is superior, but I actually have tried to use an xbox controller for DPS. I remember having issues with button mapping (I may have used some sort of third party software, its been a while), but the first thing I had to do was get the Light Attacks on a button not a trigger, think I ended up putting them on the right bumper. I found the triggers had too much throw to be effective with weaving.

    I never got great with it, but I did get to where I could reasonably parse with one and run some vet dungeons. It didnt take long for me to limit it to only very simply tasks like fishing or survey collection. I played in competitive halo tournaments on controller way back in the day, but once I switched to M+K, it was very hard for me to go back. There are very few titles that I still play with a controller.
  • Brrrofski
    I just use the back buttons on my elite.

    Left side for weapon swap.

    Right side for potion wheel.

    Basically, too things you need in combat that you had to take your thumb off left stick to use. So now I don't have to stop moving to do either.
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    Thank you for your understanding.
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