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Question about the new patch. Galen style materials?

Galen came without any style pages or materials. Are they being added with Scribes of Faith? Maybe i missed it in the patch notes
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  • freespirit
    Y'ffre's Will motif style was added recently as part of update 36 although it drops from Earthenroot Enclave final boss not from Galen Dailies.

    The style material is engraved leaves.

    Ofc there was also the Pelin's Paragon Style pages added to Tribute rewards with Firesong too. 😀

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  • Maitsukas
    The Dungeon DLC update adds the Firesong and House Mornard motif achievements and the style materials (Firesong Skarn and Vibrant Tumeric respectively), but it will take a few months for those to actually drop from the Galen Delve and World Boss Dailies and Galen's Volcanic Vents. Keep an eye for the Crown Shore Showcase articles, as it can tell the actual dates for when the motifs drop.
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