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Ivy Throne still broken after over 6 months

I've completed this with ONE other character because it was so buggy that I had to die at each ascension stage in order for Frii to appear and cast the wind vortex. It was so frustrating that I never attempted the entire finished quest until now with another character. This time, during the fight with the Firesong Mountain avatar, after the second phase of the battle, the avatar becomes unable to be targeted. But they can surely attack me, oh boy, they can. I died and tried again, and they were unable to be targeted from the beginning of the battle, so I had to force quit. ETA - of course, dead again at re-log, had to start from entrance of Mount Firesong, but at least it worked this time. Funnily enough, I recognize the changes made to remedy the issues I had the first time I did this, but the bugs still persist.

ETA - I completed this with nine different characters, of varying races/classes and on two different servers. At completion, this portion of the quest worked properly only three of the nine times. We won't discuss the other portions that didn't work quite so properly here other than to say the entire quest worked properly only once. There may be only a fraction with these issues, but they seem to be persistent and it's not really giving me much motivation to dive into a new chapter with a new class and even more potential for *waves hand at post* this.
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  • Kirawolfe
    Hey, just did this quest finally with a friend and everything was fine until we got to the bit with Frii's vortexes.

    They weren't there. My friend and I died about 3 times, overwhelmed by lava. I then got stuck on a platform, while my friend got melted while he was still a ghost and went up another level.

    Then, in the fight with Bacaro, there was a stretch where there were no mobs, and he was invincible, but there was nothing else we could do. We had to wait for him to stand up so we could kill him.

    Could you please at least fix the vortex?
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