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Since change, what's required to get "Edge Keep Score Bonus"?

I recently played PvP for the first time in (oh, I don't know) maybe 9 months. Since the last time I played, the PvP Alliance War bonuses were changed (under Alliance War, Overview, Bonuses).

What is required to get "Edge Keep Score Bonus"? During this past week, my alliance held all of our "home keeps" (every keep and outpost in our alliance's area) plus all 3 "edge keeps," yet we did not have the "Edge Keep Score Bonus." Several other "bonuses" were lit up, but not that one. In the past (if I recall correctly) the bonus required holding one's home keeps, then one got a bonus for each "edge keep" held (1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3). What does it take now? It must take something more than holding one's home keeps plus the 3 edge keeps.

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  • Grouf
    The Alliance War info screens haven't worked properly for years. I'm not sure they've ever worked properly.

    I've seen it say we have scroll bonus while having no scrolls. I've also seen say we have no scrolls while having all 6.

    We've had enemy keep bonus while not having our own home keeps. We've not had enemy keep bonus while having all home keeps and most of all the others.

    Sometimes we have emperor and no emperor bonus. Sometimes we have emperor bonus while not having an emperor.

    The leaderboard rarely tells you your proper position on it, I have to use an addon to get that info. It might work if you are in the top 10, but I haven't been there for years so I can't say for sure.

    And yes, the edge keep bonus also doesn't work properly. We can have all 3 and not have the bonus, or have none and have the bonus.

    I only use the Alliance War menu to get into Cyrodiil or IC, and sometimes that doesn't work properly either.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    edge keeps i believe are considered drakelow, brindle, and dragonclaw (the ones along the edges of the map between the alliance bases)

    home keeps per faction:

    daggerfall home keep is anything prefixed with "fort" (fort glademist for example)
    ebonheart home keep is anything postfixed with "keep" (arrius keep for example)
    aldmeri home keep is anything prefixed with "castle" (castle black boot for example)

    in terms of the actual bonuses i dont really pay attention to those honestly lol
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