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Loading Profile Failed - Xbox EU (Resolved)

Hey, since the maintenance a number of players on the xbox servers have been getting a "Loading Profile Failed" error and can't get onto ESO.
It states "You do not currently have network connectivity. This title requires a network connection as well as access to the Xbox network". This is happening to me on XBOX EU now
Wasn't sure if the loading profile issue is just with our server. Any ETA on a fix? Or has anyone on console found a solution to this? Don't really want to do a full reinstall unless I need to

Also yes I did check the xbox live status website and there is currently at the time of me posting this nothing regarding this issue.
Edited by ZOS_Bill on February 28, 2023 5:21PM
  • RPGOverlord
    It looks like this has been fixed now. Must've been xbox side of things. Everyone is able to log in now
  • ZOS_Bill
    Thank you for the update. With this Xbox server issue now resolved, we will be closing the thread from further posts.
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