Shadowfen, Bitterroot Cave, LONG STANDING BUG MUST BE FIXED - Boss spawns stuck in ceiling

The World Boss of Bitterroot Cave, Shadowfen, spawns stuck in the cave's ceiling instead of its floor, and there's no way to interact with it.

The same problem has been known to happen in Nestmother's Den, Auridon.

This has been going on for literally YEARS.

Why has it never been fixed?
  • Clyde_BlueSnake
    I sadly believe they expect all players to mark the map where the Daedroth is in Bitterroot cave & run around, er, fire off their range weapon in the ground? , aoe? (actually I forgot at the moment how to make it unstuck, but I recall it one of those ways) outside above where it is to make it fall. :/

    But yeah they should fixed these issues by now.
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