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redoing skills

I have my respec scroll (or whatever you call it) that I got back in the 40s level, that I hung onto figuring that after I was levelled up past 160 I would have a better idea of what I would want to do. I sort of do, but I wondered if there was any sort of utility or listing of the various choices to help work out what is optimal. Odd thing is that I will probably just be tweaking. I made a couple of non optimal choices morphing a couple of my most commonly used skills. I made the jab and javelin magica based on my stamina templar. This is my first, and currently only, toon and I made that mistake way back when I had only played a short while and magica and stamina weren't as unbalanced as they (purposefully) are now. I actually have a bunch of unused skill points because I tend to use 2 handed weapons almost exclusively.

Anyway, is there a good reference or utility to help with this or do I just need to go through and give more careful thought to each decision?
  • vsrs_au
    Yes, there's this page: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Ultimate
    It has good descriptions of the skills (and ultimates) for each class/guild/etc.
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  • fizl101
    If you are only adjusting morphs, i would probably suggest paying at a shrine rather than using up your scroll
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  • ReachDaBeach
    fizl101 wrote: »
    If you are only adjusting morphs, i would probably suggest paying at a shrine rather than using up your scroll

    that's what I ended up doing
  • phaneub17_ESO
    All players get a free Armory Station in the Crownstore, you can place it in any home including the free Inn you get for your faction. Purchase the Armory Station, place it in the free inn and you get infinite Skill/Stat Respec for free. This lets you switch, test, and play around with any builds you like, if you don't find it enjoyable then you just reset it via the Armory Station in your Homes.

    1. The bottom slot you can save it as a Hard Reset where all your skill points, stat points, and champion points are unallocated and anytime you want to return you simply load that slot.
    2. You can also save it as a Soft Reset where the most essential passive skills are learned and the champion points you know you'll use in every build so you don't have to reallocate them every single time, only the skills that change.
    3. If you acquire Werewolf or Vampire, you can save that into one slot and have the other cleared of the curse so you can play around with that.
    4. If you want BOTH Werewolf and Vampire on a single character, you can save the top slot with Werewolf and the bottom slot with Vampire and alternate when you feel like it.
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