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I missed out on The Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh!

Hello Devs and fellow players,
I play ESO on a fairly regular basis (since release) but in the middle of last year I decided to take a break. I came back mid January and was just really thrilled to be back. However I visited a guild mates house and they showed me an hourglass which changes the time of day in the house it's placed in! They said it was limited time item so I did some research and discovered that yes, it was a final morph for 2022's Soulfire Dragon minipet. So who knows when or if this is ever making a come back!?

I expect there are many players who don't want or care about this sort of thing, but I spend a lot of my time doing housing stuff and I have several houses that look especially spectacular at night time so I am absolutely devastated that one of the rare times I take a break from the game is the time when an item like this appears.

Will it ever be back, or will you put the same function in a new item? Will there be a chance to get old Impressario items during ESO's 10th anniversary? Please consider bringing this function back to the game, it's a must-have for many housing fans.

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  • Thee_Cheshire_Cat
    i'm horrified and saddened to hear that it's gone... It feels like i only just learned about it, and it's gone now? i don't have a million alts, nor can i live in the game. i did my best to try and get tickets... and only managed to get the dragon pet thing, and one ticket toward upgrading it.. now it's gone??

    This doesn't make items like the hour glass very friendly to people who don't have a lot of time to dump into the game, and that's really kinda sad.

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  • boi_anachronism_
    I'd expect it to come back. It's quite a popular item. It's a pain but I wouldn't fret too much just yet. No one thought the indrieks were coming back either.
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  • Northwold
    spartaxoxo wrote: »
    The Indriks came back so maybe this will too someday. I agree that's it's unfair that a key QOL change was turned into a FOMO item.

    Indeed. Shades of making the ONLY see-through window at the time dependent on completing Graven Deep. Not sure if putting a key quality-of-life item behind an event is better or worse than that, to be honest, but they did at least add another window later on, so arguably the hourglass is the bigger sin.
    Edited by Northwold on January 30, 2023 3:37AM
  • HalfDragoness
    You're in luck, check out the PTS, something like this is already in the crown store (and I think I saw it being sold by the crafting writ guy in Mournhold) - the Chronograph of the Tribunal.

    It's a furnishing item and it allows for the changing of the time of day. How, or when, it will be implemented into the live game though, we can only guess at this point.

    This is exciting! I might have to take a look on the PTS later this week :D
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  • HalfDragoness
    It's not as pretty but it is cool :D
  • Syldras
    While I like the design (symbolism is well-thought, too), I find it quite specific. Most player characters probably aren't Dunmer, let alone religious House Dunmer.
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  • Cerulione
    You can simply use its functionality and hide the item below ground :)

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